How to compromise with your groom when wedding planning

When it comes to wedding planning, unless you and your groom are on exactly the same page with every decision, you’ll need to learn the art of compromise, and fast! Don’t worry… this is a great life lesson, which will stand you in good stead during your marriage.

If you’re used to getting your own way, we’re here to help! Here, we share our top tips on how to compromise with your groom, without becoming a bridezilla.

The venue

How to compromise with your groom when wedding planning-VenueHe wants a small, intimate wedding, set in a chic country house, while you envision an extravagant affair with 200 guests, in a grand hotel. With two very different wedding day visions in mind, you’ll both need to compromise a little here. As a starting point, both parties should create a list of the wedding day qualities that are important. The once with the lavish wedding in mind will have to determine whether they are willing to spend a large percentage of the budget on it. Compare and contrast your chosen qualities so that you can determine what common priorities you share. Thankfully, there are so many amazing wedding venues across the country so you will be able to find one which matches both of your wishes. In this example, a boutique style hotel or country house hotel could be suitable options.

The budget

How to compromise with your groom when wedding planning-BudgetWhile the budget can be easy enough to determine because it’s a matter of what you can afford, differences may reside in how much is spent on what. You might want a cheaper cake in order to spend more on photography, while he wants to skip the videographer all together in favour of a better band. Again, sit down and write out a list of wedding day features and rank them in order of importance. This should help you determine what percentage of your budget is spent on each element. If something is high on his list and low on yours, put it in the middle of your joint list.

The clothing

How to compromise with your groom when wedding planning-ClothingMany brides find this the biggest compromise and you’ll need to be prepared to give in here. If he really has his heart set on a certain type or colour of suit, let him have it. You wouldn’t be happy if he was adamant that you wear a particular style of dress so his attire shouldn’t be any different. Remember, it’s his wedding day too and he should feel comfortable and happy in his clothing.

The finishing touches

How to compromise with your groom when wedding planning-Finishing TouchesIf you have very contrasting tastes when it comes to decor, don’t panic! Believe it or not, your two versions can be blended together and the result will be stunning. In fact, this will help create a wedding day that is packed full of both of your personalities. Consider how your two chosen styles could come together in a wonderful way. For example, if you’re worried his comic book favours, won’t match your rustic vintage vibe theme, look to retro comic styles to complement your two visions.

The honeymoon

How to compromise with your groom when wedding planning-HoneymoonHe’s a thrill seeker and you’re more of a drinking cocktails by the pool kinda gal, so where do you go? If you’re lucky to have two weeks to play with, create a bespoke honeymoon that appeals to you both. Everyone’s a winner.

In reality, marriage will always be a compromise. You’ll have to give in sometimes, and vice versa. Ask any happily married couple and they’ll tell you it’s all about communication. Remember, wedding planning should be enjoyed and the day is mostly about you both so work together to create a wedding which you both love.

Happy planning!


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