Top tips for choosing your wedding cake that no one tells you!

Ah the wedding cake! Ask any couple what their favourite part of wedding planning was and no doubt the groom will tell you it was cake tasting. As delicious as this sounds, when it comes to deciding on a wedding cake, there’s a lot more to consider than just its flavour. But before you get bogged down by tiers, textures and toppers, we’ve compiled the must-know top tips that no one tells you about choosing your wedding cake.

Tastings are a must!

“Oh no!” we sarcastically hear you cry. While cake tasting is definitely one of the most fun elements of wedding planning, it’s actually obligatory. While you might just be tempted to opt for one particular flavour, going for a tasting allows you to meet your baker and try out some delicious varieties that you wouldn’t have considered otherwise.

Don’t choose its style until last

Top tips for choosing your wedding cake-Style
While it’s a good idea to decide on a baker and secure your date as soon as possible, if you can, don’t choose the style of your cake until the other aspects of your wedding have been decided. The reason for this is to allow the style of your cake to reflect the other aspects of your wedding, such as theme or colour schemes, so that everything flawlessly fits together.

Consider your numbers

Top tips for choosing your wedding cake-NumbersBelieve it or not, your cake isn’t just for decoration – your guests will want to eat it too, which means the number of guests you have will influence the size of your cake. Typically, three tiers will serve between 50 to 100 guests, while five layers equates to approximately 200 or more. Your venue may also be a factor too. If it is a grand room with high ceilings, a more extravagant, tall cake will have a greater impact.

Remember the weather

Top tips for choosing your wedding cake-Weather
If you’re getting married during the midst of a heatwave or are jetting off to say your “I dos” in the sun, don’t forget that the heat will play havoc with your cake. Steer clear of whipped cream, meringue and buttercream which will slide off into the unknown. Thankfully, bakers are pros so ask them for some alternatives, such as fondant, which is safer.

Choose décor that delights

Top tips for choosing your wedding cake-Decor
When it comes to wedding cakes, it’s definitely all about the detailing. But remember, these too cost. The most cost-effective options are fresh fruit or flowers, which your baker or florist will usually apply for a small fee. Higher end options include delicate sugar flowers, which require being placed on by hand, and therefore, cost more. One of the easiest ways to make your cake stand out is with an elaborate cake topper. Long gone as the days of plastic bride and groom figurines. Nowadays, couples are choosing to get creative with their choice, opting for something which serves as a statement piece. Fancy acrylic cut outs and elaborate floral displays are currently topping the cake topper charts.

Don’t forget the display

Top tips for choosing your wedding cake-Display
Remember, your cake will need somewhere to sit, preferably in a location where guests can easily marvel at its beauty. Most venues will offer a table fit for this very purpose. Plus, you can dress it up! Drape it beautifully with fabric that matches your wedding colour scheme and decorate it with flowers to really up the ante.

Don’t forget about delivery

Do NOT agree to deliver your own wedding cake. There will be plenty of things requiring your attention on your wedding day and your cake definitely shouldn’t be one of them. A good cake company will give you a price for delivering your cake (and setting it up). Therefore, it makes sense to choose a cake company which is in close proximity to your reception as the further away, the more the delivery charge is likely to be.

Armed with our array of must-know top tips, choosing your wedding cake is guaranteed to be a fun-filled affair.

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