Wedding party gifting etiquette

Here, we take a look at the rules when it comes to wedding party gifting, who should receive what, why and when.

Anyone who is currently planning their wedding (or has already done so), will tell you that it’s no easy fete. As wedding planning can be a stressful experience, we often call on our nearest and dearest to lend a hand (or money) to help us pull off the wedding day we’ve always dreamed of. No doubt, you’ll be keen to say an extra special thanks to these individuals, so presenting them with a gift expresses gratitude. While there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to presenting these gifts, here, we share a typical breakdown of when couples usually choose to gift their wedding party members.

Your other half

Wedding party gifts - Your other halfIt’s common for couples to exchange gifts on the day of the wedding to mark the momentous occasion. If you’re opting to do a first look ahead of the ceremony, this is the perfect time to swap gifts. Alternatively, if the first time you’ll see other is at the ceremony, ask a member of the wedding party to facilitate the swap. Another option is to do it the night before the wedding. Whatever time you choose, make sure you speak to your spouse about it beforehand so everyone is clear about what is happening.


Wedding party gifts - ParentsTraditionally, during the speeches, the bride presents her new mother-in-law with flowers, as does the groom. If you’d prefer to take a more modern approach, why not treat both sets of parents to a meal out ahead of the wedding and present them with a gift then? This makes the occasion a little more personal and memorable.

The wedding party

Wedding party gifts - Groomsmen Wedding party gifts - BridesmaidsTypically, on the morning of the wedding, the bride spends it with her bridesmaids and parents, while the groom is with his parents, best-man and groomsmen. This is the best time to gift your bridesmaids and grooms party. Usually, the bride will give the bridesmaids a gift which can be worn at the wedding, such as jewellery. Customised robes and slippers are also a popular choice and make for some pretty cool ‘getting ready’ style photos.

For the men, cufflinks or personalised hip flasks (filled with your grooms party’s poison of choice) are firm favourites.

Junior members

Wedding party gifts - Junior membersWhether you’re having flower girls, ring bearers or page boys, don’t forget to offer a token of thanks. The type of gift will depend on their age and interests. lf they’re going to be at the entire wedding, something which will keep them entertained, such as games, toys, crafts or books are a great idea.

Other people

There might be other people, who aren’t a part of your wedding party but whom you feel deserve to be gifted, such grandparents, those doing readings, ushers or musicians. With so much happening on the wedding day, it’s a good idea to gift these people in advance, or you’ll spend all day running after them.

Remember to incorporate gifting into your wedding budget and spend within your means. It can be tempting to go overboard and get expensive presents, but the truth of the matter is that often the simplest of gifts (with a little thought put in) are the most memorable.

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