The ultimate wedding planning guide for grooms

Sorry ladies… this one’s strictly for the men! If you’re a guy who is recently engaged, up until now, all you’ve probably thought about is how to pop the question and when. We hate to break it to you, but the hard work doesn’t end there. You actually do have a wedding to plan. So if you’re clueless about what this involves, we’re here to help, thanks to our ultimate wedding planning guide for grooms.

Believe it or not, planning a wedding is actually a job that’s designed to be shared by two. Traditionally, many brides take on the majority of tasks, but in today’s modern society, more and more gents are happy to get hands on and take the pressure off by lending a helping hand.

First up, it’s a good idea to have a conversation with your other half about your involvement. Whether you plan to take a back seat and hand the wedding planning reigns over to your partner (if this is what you both prefer), or you feel firmly about every decision being entirely 50/50, make your intentions known from the beginning. Align both of your expectations to help get your wedding planning experience off to the perfect start.

While of course, there’s absolutely no problem with you attending flower appointments, cake tasting and planning the décor, if you’re keen to get fully involved, our handy list of duties is a great place to start.

  1. Collect addresses

Save the date WebApp

In today’s society of Facebook and emails, the written word has very much become digital, so it’s rare that you’ll actually have the address of your family and friends. Whether you text everyone individually, ask your parents for their guests’ addresses or you use an app like Postable, this is one admin task that your other half will definitely thank you for tackling. You could even save yourself a bundle of time with my ‘Save-the-Date‘ wedding app.

  1. Sort the honeymoon

Traditionally, booking the honeymoon was a task reserved for the groom, but today, planning it usually involves both parties. However, you can take care of the logistics such as booking flights, transfers and accommodation.

  1. Arrange transport

wedding planning guide for grooms-Transport

As well as getting both the bridal party and groomsmen to the venue, there may also be the guests to think about. If your venue doesn’t offer accommodation, guests might appreciate being able to avail of a bus home after the reception so decide with your other half if this is required. When choosing your own wedding cards, consider the style of wedding and the car type which would complement this.

  1. Accommodation options

If your venue has accommodation options, you’ll need to block book these and let guests know to book in advance. If rooms are limited, it’s also a good idea to provide guests with alternative places nearby.

  1. Choose music

wedding planning guide for grooms-Entertainment

Again, this wedding planning task is usually shared but you can always get a head start by researching. Ceremony music, reception music, wedding band and DJ are all options so decide what you want and book well in advance.

  1. Sort the suits

wedding planning guide for grooms-Suits

Usually, the bride will have an input in the final choice but arranging appointments and a time that suits everyone can be difficult to tackle this task early.

  1. Organise cash payments

On the day, a few wedding suppliers, such as the band, may need to be paid in cash. Therefore, organise these by putting the required cash amount into envelopes, clearly labelled with the vendors’ names. You’ll probably be too busy on the day to hand these out in person, so pass these onto a trusty best man or groomsman to take care of for you.

  1. Buy groomsmen gifts

wedding planning guide for grooms-Gifts

A token of thanks for their support and help is always well received by the groomsmen. Opt for something they’ll all like or choose the bespoke option for sentimental value. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s a great memento of your wedding day.

  1. Write your speech

wedding planning guide for grooms-Speeches

Guys, please oh please do not leave this to the last minute. We get it… you probably won’t want to make a speech but writing it the day before the wedding won’t make it any easier. In fact, the sooner you write it and start practicing it, the less nervous you’ll be.

  1. Ask for tasks

If you’re bride-to-be is stressed, make it known that you’re willing to help. Wedding planning should be a fun experience for the both of you.

Happy planning.

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