Top tips to help you look your best in wedding photos

It’s no surprise that couples strive to look their best on their wedding day. With all eyes (not to mention, cameras) on you, there’s pressure to ensure head-to-toe perfection. And with wedding photos marking the occasion and admired for years to come, no doubt you’ll want to effortlessly pull them off. So here, we share our top tips to help you look your best in your wedding photos.

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Call in a professional

The golden rule, which probably sounds obvious, is to hire a professional to take care of your wedding photography. There’s no denying that getting married can be an expensive affair, but cutting corners definitely shouldn’t apply to your wedding photos. You probably won’t skip the wedding cake or flowers, so don’t be tempted to neglect your wedding photography, even if your friend is good with a camera. No one understands wedding photography more than the professionals who will be able to seamlessly and unobtrusively capture you at your most flattering angles, and ensure no moment of your day goes amiss.

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Book an engagement shoot

Just like you wouldn’t taste your cake before you book it, we thoroughly recommend test driving your photographer. Looking at their portfolio of work is a great way to get a feel for what they do. This will allow you to discover if your visions align, but the only way to see if your personalities mesh, is with a photo shoot. Many photographers offer engagement shoots, which is not only the perfect way to mark a special time in your lives, but it also allows you to gage whether you’re comfortable with your photographer or not.

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Trust your photographer

Once you’ve booked your wedding photographer, it’s time to put your trust in them. Ahead of the wedding, don’t spend time worrying about how you’ll look in your photos. Take reassurance from the fact that you’ve booked your photographer for a reason. This is namely that you love their work and you get on. Plus, on the day, try not to panic. No doubt your photographer has captured countless weddings so they’ll know exactly which shots to take and when. Of course, if you have something different in mind, make sure you discuss this with them in advance.

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Don’t forget about lighting

One major thing to remember about your wedding photography is lighting. Don’t forget, it gets dark as early as 4pm during the winter months. If you have visions of having your photos taken outside, take your wedding timings into consideration. You may need to schedule your ceremony an hour earlier to make use of daylight.

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Book your beauty appointments

A sure fire way to ensure you look your best on your wedding day is to call on the skills of professional hair and make-up artists. While you might be a dab hand at your own hair and make-up, wedding morning nerves can easily turn that cat eye flick into chaos. Plus, with the possibility of hair and makeup trials ahead of the big day, you can relax safe in the knowledge that you’ll look perfect.

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Relax a little

If you want picture-perfect wedding photos, it’s all about relaxing into it. An engagement shoot or pre-wedding session will afford you the chance to get a little creative when it comes to posing. This means, that on the day, you’ll already have a wealth of poses up your sleeve. Preparation ensures you’ll be relaxed, which will definitely come across in those shots. Laugh and have fun and you’ll find your flow in no time.

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Armed with these top tips, your wedding photos are sure to be flawless!

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