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Look after your feet and shoes on your wedding day

You might think it strange for a photographer to talk about wedding shoe advice but this is something that many brides fail to consider.

Whilst undoubtedly you’ll want to look your best on the day and in your photographs, you need to consider those expensive and traditionally white wedding shoes. That beautiful satin or silk finish may become stained by the soil or dirty puddles if it’s been raining or snowing, and those narrow heels have a tendency to sink into the grass and gravel paths.

I always recommend that you take another pair of comfortable shoes with you that you can slip on after the ceremony and quickly swap over if the shoes are going to feature in the photographs. Besides no one will see them under your dress so you may as well be comfortable!


Bridal Party Comfy Shoes


If you plan on getting married during the winter months then a pair of funky wellies will keep you warm, dry and comfortable. They always make great photos too!

That said here are some factors that would help you to choose the right wedding shoes to ensure you are comfortable on your big day:


Comfort – When buying shoes, the first and foremost priority must be given to how comfortable they feel. There is simply no point having the most beautiful pair of wedding shoes if they are uncomfortable as you will probably be wearing them for the whole day. Uncomfortable shoes, however beautiful they may be, will spoil your mood on your wedding day especially if they pinch you as you walk down the aisle.

Heel size – When shopping for your wedding shoes be mindful of the heel size. Make sure the height is one that you are happy and comfortable with in walking in. Those last minute wobbles walking down the aisle is never a good sight and you will be nervous enough as it is without having to think about how to walk! The best rule of thumb is to stick with styles that you normally wear. This way you won’t feel uncomfortable or tire easily on your wedding day.

Materials – Shoes come in a wide range of materials such as lace, velvet, satin and silk that help in giving a feminine touch. It will be difficult to find that perfect match unless your dress designer also makes shoes, but a very close match in material will be perfect.

Fitting – To ensure that your new shoes fit well, I would highly recommend buying them a few months before your wedding day. Try to wear them (indoors of course) whenever you get the time to help them mould to the shape of your feet. Wearing them over these couple of months before your big day will help them to adjust to the way you walk making them more comfortable.

Toe Style – The toe style of any pair of shoes is also a consideration. If it is a summer wedding, you can go for open-toes and sandal-style toes that would show off your beautifully pedicured feet. And for a winter wedding, you could opt for the closed toe pointed styles that hold your feet in snug comfort and they are always in fashion. Even square and rounded toes shoes are becoming popular footwear for today’s weddings.

Colour – Just as the material of your shoes, it is difficult to get a perfect match unless your dress designer also makes shoes. It is not always necessary to go for the same exact colour. I have photographed numerous brides who have colour matched their wedding shoes to go with their wedding colour theme, especially with pastel colours.

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