Frequently asked questions

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about my photography

I am sure there are plenty of questions that you have around your wedding day and photography.

Over the years I have been asked numerous questions about my wedding photography. Here is a comprehensive wedding photography faq that should answer most of your questions and if you still have more please call or email:

A pre-wedding shoot is included – what is this?

A really important part of booking me! It’s a very informal and fun shoot which, by the end of it, you will have relaxed in front of the camera, and I will have learned how best to photograph you on your wedding day.  It’s imperative for anyone who is nervous about being photographed, as once you’ve seen the results from that shoot you’ll have no fears or worries left about the photography part of your wedding day. This is included FREE with all of my all-Day packages.

How long will you stay with us on our wedding day?

I will start a couple of hours before the ceremony and stay until just after the first dance.

How many photographs will you take?

I have no fixed number, but will often take 1000+ photographs at a wedding. I am very tough on myself and will edit hard afterwards, throwing away images that have caught blinks, unflattering expressions etc.

This will leave between 300 – 600 images, and these are seen by yourselves via your private gallery on my website or at your own viewing.

Do you take formal groups as well as candid photos?

Yes, and as quickly as possible! I like to limit group photographs to a maximum of 20 minutes and will work to a pre-arranged list. I will ask your ushers to help gather the necessary guests and the more organised you are about this, the quicker it will be.

What do you do about eating on the day?

As I will be with you all day, I’m normally invited to eat the same meal as your guests. It’s best if I am in a nearby room as I need to be on hand to photograph the speeches.

How many photographs make a great album?

Expect to love all the images you see. Most clients choose between 60 and 100 pictures in their album. There is no limit however. With selections of more than 150 pictures it is advisable to use 2 albums, (volumes 1 & 2).

Extra prints or images seem expensive?

The time, care, and meticulous attention to detail that ensure you and your guests look fantastic is immense. There is truth in the saying “you get what you pay for!”

How much digital manipulation goes into our pictures?

Every image is assessed for colour and tone. Most images are then ‘tidied’ to some extent before black & white or spot colour options are created.

Is there an extra charge for this service?

Some editing is carried out on a complimentary basis for both packages. However if you require additional editing to enhance reality I make a one-off charge of £250.00. This editing includes reducing lines, blemishes on skin and even teeth whitening on some of the pictures.

How do we see our photographs?

After I have processed your photos (within 4 weeks of your wedding date) I will spend time with you going through your pictures. Over the course of the session you will see a small selection of photos that I think best portray your wedding day with a digital design of how your wedding album could look. Of course you are free to choose your own pictures but this gives you a good feel for how beautiful your wedding album will look. Once you have seen this selection and the sample album design I will show you all of your photos.

We can either go through your chosen images on the day or I can leave you to select the ones you want over the next couple of weeks. It is great fun and not as hard as most people think. I am very good at guiding my clients through the selection process.

A range of other products including parent’s albums and framed pictures are also on offer to help you choose. If you choose one of my digital packages, you will also be able to select your images from my website in your secure gallery area.

If we choose an album, how long will it take to arrive?

Within a few days of your viewing I will design a layout for your album. Once you have agreed this design, it can take up to six weeks before you receive your album. In that time I will have made any adjustments required to the images and have them printed should you be choosing a Traditional album. Your album will be hand made to your specification for which I will then spend up to a week putting the album together. With my Story Book style albums once you’ve approved your album design expect up to 4 weeks.

How will we get our album?

The majority of the time it will be hand delivered personally by me, however you are welcome to collect your album if you happen to be near the Essex area, or I can courier it to you ‘at cost’.

When will our pictures be uploaded to our secure galleries?

Normally within two working days of you seeing the images.

If I choose the digital package what will the quality be like when I make my own prints?

All files will be colour corrected and edited prior to them being despatched to you. The quality & colour of your own prints however will be out of my hands and I cannot offer any guarantees regarding this.

What happens if I want a reprint from you, several years from now?

You can contact me and I will organise it for you. Your images will be kept indefinitely, and copies of those files will be kept at a separate location in case of fire or theft.

If our album gets damaged by a flood or fire, can it be replaced?

Yes. I keep accurate records of all orders and album layouts. I do however recommend that you have your wedding album and photographs insured on your home contents policy.

How do we book you?

We’ll agree a date for us to meet first – it’s essential that we all like each other and know that we’ll get on well on your wedding day! Please give me a ring or email me to organise this. Once a meeting has been booked I will hold your wedding date for you. I do work on a contract basis so you know exactly what you are paying for and when you will be seeing your lovely wedding photos. There will also be a small booking fee to secure your wedding date exclusively with me.

It’s your day; make sure you book the photography you want. My summer diary fills very quickly so why not meet me and let me show you what I can create just for you! Call now to avoid disappointment 0800-634-4455


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