Michael & Tara

Christ Church & Bromley Golf Club
12th January 2018

“My wife and I having never had professional photographs taken of ourselves before, found ourselves in the need of a photographer for our wedding day.

Like many couples before us, we attended wedding fairs in the hope of booking as many of the unorganised elements of our wedding as possible and getting some new ideas, a photographer was first on our list.

Marc had a stall at the opening of the wedding fair at Bluewater and immediately caught our eye, due to the table display and sample albums. Marc was very friendly and helpful and his albums were very well presented. We didn’t want to make a decision on our first photography stall and so set off to view alternatives to create a comparison.

Although there were many nice companies there, we didn’t feel as comfortable and right for us as Marc’s company did. Returning to the stall we asked more questions and having noticed a special offer for a free guest signing board if we signed up for a test shoot today; we quickly did. The shoot required a deposit of just £10 to be returned on the day once we met. The test shoot is a very good idea to enable you to get familiar with the photographer and see if your personalities match; very important for the big day!

We agreed on a choice of venues and Marc made us feel very relaxed and guided us through a range of poses, capturing our relationship very well.

We sat down afterwards and had a coffee when Marc showed us some unedited snaps just taken so we had an immediate impression. We loved them and signed up then and there as we didn’t want to lose our date and opportunity to work with Marc.

We meet one more time before our wedding for our pre wedding shoot. This photography session was again very important, as Marc guided us through all of the different types of postures and positions to ensure our wedding photos turned out exactly how we wanted them to. Marc very kindly travelled to our reception venue to get some ideas for the day; this was important to us as we were nervous about the big day and helped reassure us.

Marc helped us organise the timings of our wedding day and which family or friends should be included in the photos, creating an effortless flow to the whole day.

Marc did a fantastic job capturing the moments of my wife getting ready for the wedding and rearranged furniture to create the best background for the photos, and put everything back again afterwards!

He then met me at the Church and we took some more photos. Being so comfortable with Marc was important at this time due to the stress of the day.

The day went seamlessly and we transitioned between shots with minimal effect and Marc organising people when needed. He travelled ahead of the party to the reception to capture us arriving which was terrific.

At any point in time we were never conscious of Marc taking action shots throughout the day which made it feel very natural.

We were always able to view the photos on Marc’s secure website and they looked amazing. He travelled over to show us them in a polished slideshow and then left us with the difficult choice of picking the photos for the album.

When we needed an opinion Marc provided it and again when we were stuck choosing the leather for the album, he sent us some samples to help.

Marc produces a very polished and impressive product in a friendly, relaxing and professional manner. He is experienced and obviously talented which combine for a stress free wedding day and a lifetime of memories captured in a beautiful package.”