Neal & Sheryl PWS

Hylands House - Photo Experience
15th December 2017

“I met Marc back in March when I was drawn to his unique style of photography at The Mulberry House wedding show!

After discussing his unique style it instantly stood out for me and I couldn’t wait to show my finance’ his work when I got home. As soon as Neal saw his pictures he loved what he saw and from that moment we contacted Marc to arrange to meet up to discuss our wedding day.

Before our pre-wedding shoot, Neal was very anxious and was not terribly keen on having his picture taken! He was a nightmare to be honest but I persevered!

As soon as Neal met Marc he was at ease.  Marc was so helpful and excellent at explaining what we needed to do!  To begin with both Neal and I felt uneasy about having our pictures taken in the middle of Hylands Park, however Marc was so kind and easy going that it made us at ease!

By the end Neal and I were in our element and absolutely loved it.

That day I fell in Love with Neal all over again, it was amazing!  Marc completely knows what he is doing and is fantastic at creating those ever lasting memories whilst it being effortless!

By the end of the shoot Neal felt so at ease and was actually looking forward to having our pictures taken for our wedding, which I thought would never happen!

Thank you Marc for making our pre-wedding shoot so special and I can’t wait to see the pictures after our wedding day.

Fondest Regards “