The 2019 summer wedding trends to watch out for

It’s officially summer, which means that wedding season has also arrived. Not only is it the warmest season of the year, it’s also all about colour and texture, which means couples have a wealth of options at their disposal when it comes to wedding décor, accessories, fashion and finishing touches. Whether you’re getting married this summer or in 2020, here, we round up the summer wedding trends that are guaranteed to wow guests.

Statement headpieces

Statement Head Pieces-2019 summer wedding trendsSeveral factors have influenced the rise in popularity of stylish statement headpieces, the Met Gala’s 2018 theme of “Fashion and the Catholic Imagination” being one of them. Brides have been seen rocking stylish halos and dramatic headpieces, finished in everything from baroque to brimming with embellishment. Meghan Markle has also played a fashionable hand in bringing back the humble tiara. If you’re worried about the extra heat of a heavy veil on a hot summer’s day, a statement headpiece is the perfect alternative.

Let’s hear it for the girls

Lets here it for the girls-2019 summer wedding trendsWedding traditions have definitely been changing recently, and one which we’re particularly pleased to see is that more women are taking to the mic, with speeches no longer confined to just the men. Brides, bridesmaids and mums are giving men a run for their money and delivering heartfelt and funny speeches. We’re definitely looking forward to seeing more of this during the summer.

Dried flowers

Dried Flowers-2019 summer wedding trendsWhile summer is undeniably the season of flowers, more and more brides are choosing to take on the dried flowers trend. A firm favourite with boho brides, this sustainable choice also means that your bouquet will serve as a perfect keepsake. However, brides aren’t completely turning their backs on blooms, with most choosing to incorporate dried flowers into fresh bouquets for a unique twist this summer.

Painted wedding cakes

Painted Cakes-2019 summer wedding trendsTaking centre stage at the reception, it isn’t surprising that couples are choosing to get creative with their choice of wedding cakes. Cakes have been transformed into works of arts with hand-painted creations coming out as a top contender for summer weddings.

Floral displays

Floral displays-2019 summer wedding trendsFrom arches to walls, couples are upping the ante when it comes to their flowers this summer. No longer confined to just bouquets, buttonholes and centerpieces, brides and grooms are thinking outside of the box and using flowers as a way to really grab guests’ attention.

Festival vibes

Keeping guests entertained is set to be a top trend for summer weddings. The traditional format of band, followed by DJ has evolved with couples choosing to shake things up with two or more bands playing throughout the night, different DJs in different rooms or a range of musical acts. The results is the feel of a festival, which is undeniably what the summer months are all about.

Glitter bars

Following on from festival vibes, glitter bars are the perfect partner. Glitter stations allow guests to get creative and add some sparkle to their look, Coachella style. Everyone from the young to the old will be queuing to get in on the action. Now all that’s left to do is watch as guests sparkle, shimmer and shine, long into the night.

Big dresses are back

Big Wedding Dresses-2019 summer wedding trendsBut not as we know them! 2018 saw a departure from ballgowns but we can confirm they are back for summer. While the thought of lugging around a heavy dress might break you out in a sweat, the good news is that the new ballgown is light and airy, allowing you to go about your bridal business with ease.

So this summer, why not break from tradition and get on board with a hot new trend that will keep guests talking for all the right reasons?!

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