Top tips for choosing your wedding entertainment

For your guests, the entertainment is (probably) the most memorable part of a wedding. With all the formalities out of the way, it’s time for the wedding party and guests to unwind, let their hair down and dance the night away. Therefore, no doubt you’ll be keen to book entertainment which everyone loves. So with this in mind, here, we share the key things to remember when booking live entertainment for your wedding day.

Remember to book early

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Believe it or not, many couples confess that booking their wedding entertainment is the last thing they do. However, often it’s one of the most expensive things you’ll pay for (especially if you book a live band) and it’s a key part of the day, so our advice is to tackle this sooner rather than later. Popular wedding acts in your area will book up fast so send out enquiries and check availability as soon as possible.

Consider an off-peak wedding

Booking a wedding when it isn’t peak-season can be cheaper, and that definitely includes your entertainment. Wedding bands’ diaries are usually jam packed during the summer so you have more chance booking them during other seasons, or even on a weekday. Plus, their prices usually reflect this so you could find yourself availing of a little reduction if your wedding day falls off-peak.

Play up to your theme

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If you have a theme in mind for your wedding day, consider whether you could choose entertainment which reflects this. For example, a live band would perfectly complement a festival theme, while a jazz band definitely won’t be out of place for a 1920’s themed wedding.

Keep timings in mind

Weddings very rarely run to their strict timing schedule so keep this in mind. If your speeches run over, and your band has to start later, find out if they will still play for the length of time they are booked for. The best possible place to seek advice on timings is from your wedding venue. They will be well equipped to advise on a schedule and how you can avoid certain aspects running over.

Be mindful of space

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Imaging booking an 8-piece band only to discover there’s no room for them, or hiring a DJ to sit in the corner of a massive ballroom. It’s important to consider what space you have to work with and how your entertainment will fit.

Check for restrictions

Believe it or not, the type of venue you book could limit the entertainment you book. If, for example, you have hired a rustic barn, due to licensing restrictions, it may not be possible to have a live band late at night.

Offer refreshments

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You might wonder why, considering you’re paying them but the better you treat the act, the better the performance will be. Many bands have to travel an hour or two to get to a venue, then there’s setting up and sound checks to contend with, all of which can be tiring. So, if possible, providing them with a quiet corner and some refreshments and food will lift their spirits and get them in the mood to deliver an amazing performance.

Ask for a contract

Any good wedding vendor will offer a contract and this too includes your entertainment. This should highlight all the terms and conditions, such as how long they’ll play for, travel costs, cancellation policy and an in case of emergency contingency plan.

Put your trust in them

Before you book a wedding act, you’ll (hopefully) have done your research by watching videos of them performing, listening to them live and checking out reviews, so when you’ve booked them, put your trust in them. Remember, they’ll have performed at hundreds of weddings over their years so take their advice when it comes to things like timing and playlists.

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