How to choose your wedding theme

Choosing a wedding theme is a great way to express your personality as a couple, share your tastes or offer a reflection of the vibe and mood you want to achieve for your special day. While some couples will have a vision for their wedding straight away, if you fall into the category of lacking a little #inspo, fear not! We’ve put together some points worth considering in order to help you choose a wedding theme.

Consider the season

How to choose a wedding theme - Consider the season

The time of year you choose to say your “I dos” is definitely a factor in determining your overall theme. For example, a wedding during winter offers a wealth of theme ideas, with colour palettes veering on the dark and moody side, rife with an abundance of burgundy and beautiful jewel tones. Winter in itself could be a theme, as could a wedding which is happening close to Christmas. Furthermore, a summer wedding usually looks towards a lighter colour palette of pretty pastels and floral finishing touches.

Look to the location

How to choose a wedding theme - Look to the Location

Your venue will serve as a great place to start when it comes to deciding on a theme. The key is to work with its colours and style, rather than compete with it. If the space is fairly neutral, you can pretty much get away with anything. Likewise, a room which is full of colour will need a little consideration to avoid clashes. Take a look at the type of venue you’ve chosen too. An outdoor garden ceremony screams fairy lights, bunting and candles, while a modern hotel calls for contemporary touches.

Create a mood board

How to choose a wedding theme - Create a mood boardMuch of wedding planning revolves around collating ideas so choosing your theme should be no different. Thankfully, in the digital age, Instagram and Pinterest offer a world of #inspo. Collect photos of everything you like, print them out and get out the good old fashioned scissors and clue. Sometimes physically seeing everything on a real life board in front of you gives a truer reflection than that offered by looking at a screen. Seeing everything together will help you decide what styles and colours you are leaning towards.

Convey your personality

How to choose a wedding theme - Convey your personality

Try to paint a picture of your personality as a couple. Wedding themes such as bohemian or beachy lend themselves well to a couple who is relaxed and loves nature, an Art Deco theme reminiscent of Great Gatsby is perfect for a glamorous couple with oodles of style while a chic affair is great for those who like things a little more paired back.

Look to colours

How to choose a wedding theme - Look to colours

Sometimes a choice of colours is more than enough when it comes to choosing an overall wedding theme, so look to those which make your heart sing. If you love deep purple hues but don’t think they’ll work for your spring wedding, consider close alternatives such as lavender or mauve instead. Or look to combinations which work well together. Black and gold is an opulent choice, while silver and white screams winter.

Delve a little deeper

How to choose a wedding theme - Delve a little deeper

When it comes to nailing the finer details, you’ll need to delve a little deeper. If, for example, you decide on a vintage theme, decide on a specific era. The twenties and sixties are totally different eras so choose the one which best reflects your personality and tastes. Having a clear style in mind will make choosing those details that little bit easier.

Take your dress into consideration

How to choose a wedding theme - Take your dress into consideration

If you’ve chosen your wedding dress but haven’t yet decided on a theme, let your dress guide you. Is it elegant and whimsical? Look to a luxe, bohemian style wedding. Is it modern and minimalist, perfect for a contemporary style wedding? Or perhaps it’s a dramatic ballgown with tons of detailing?

Be true to you

How to choose a wedding theme - Be true to you

Remember, this is your wedding day so your theme should be all about you. If you’re both diehard Harry Potter fans and would love to incorporate this into your wedding day but are worried about what guests will think… we say, go for it! Do your day your way!

Happy planning!

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