Wedding proposal ideas: Top tips for popping the question

The festive season is fast approaching and for many, this means planning the perfect wedding proposal. There’s something utterly romantic about a Christmas engagement, so it isn’t surprising that this is one of the most popular times of the year when that knee gets dropped.

So if you’re a guy (or girl!) who has proposing on your mind, we’ve rounded up some amazing ways to help you pull off an epic proposal in style.

Choose a meaningful location

Wedding Proposal ideas - Top tips for popping the questionMost couples have a range of places that are meaningful to them so why not take your partner on a tour of them?! Plan a day out which involves going to all the places you love. At one of them, ask a stranger (or hire a photographer) to take a photo and then get down on one knee and propose.

Recreate your first date

Top tips for popping the question-6Your first date (hopefully) holds special memories so why not recreate it?! Whether it was dinner and a movie, a few drinks or a walk together, try to re-enact it as closely as possible. And to top it all off, end it with that wedding proposal.

Add some music

This one is perfect for those who long for an OTT, public proposal. We’ve all seen the impact a flashmob can have so why not get one involved as you pop the question? Or, for a more low-key approach, if there’s a local band you both like, hire them to play a song you both love.

Plan a treasure hunt

Wedding proposal ideas-LocationFor a fun-filled proposal, planning a treasure hunt is a winning option. Hide clues which lead your partner to various locations that hold meaning. You can even get family or friends involved as part of the process. At the last location, await on bended knee.

Take a trip

Top tips for popping the question-5A popular choice (and for good reason) taking a trip together is a great way to propose. As well as getting away from it all and keeping it a little more private, it’s also the perfect place to celebrate your engagement, with just the two of you.

Write it down

If you can’t find the words to say it out loud, write it down instead. Whether it’s in chalk, in the sky, or in the form of a letter, watch as your partner reads those three words and never forget the look on their face.

Cook up a storm

Who doesn’t love being told to relax as someone else does all the work in the kitchen?! Why not create an epic gastronomic extravaganza of all her favourite dishes, complete with delicious drinks? At dessert time, pop that ring on the table to top off a perfect meal.

Involve family & friends

Top tips for popping the question-3If family and friends are important to your partner, get them involved to make it even more memorable. From getting them to spell it out with oversized letters to organising a surprise engagement party where you’ll pop the question, having them there means you can celebrate in style straight away.

Hire a hot air balloon

For the thrill seekers or for those who want to go all out, hiring a hot air balloon and gliding over the gorgeous landscape of your local area can be truly romantic. For bonus points, do it at sunrise or sunset.

Make a video

Top tips for popping the question-4In today’s digital age, it’s super easy to create a romantic wedding proposal video and again, it’s a great way to get family and friends in on the action. Plus, with a little thought, you can get creative and create one which is sure to go viral!

Capture the moment

Finally, why not book a photographer and get him or her in on your plan?! That way, when you propose, you’ll have some pretty spectacular photos of the exact moment that it happened.

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