Bloomin’ marvellous! What to do with your wedding flowers afterwards

If you’re deep into your wedding planning, no doubt you’ll have realised that wedding flowers cost a pretty penny. Undeniably, these definitely add the wow factor to any wedding and with so much thought and attention going into their design, it’s sad to see them simply end up in the bin.

So if you’re keen to make the most of your wedding flowers, we’ve rounded up some ideas of what you can do with them after the big day.

Dry them

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One of the most favoured ways to preserve wedding flowers is to dry them out. The flowers which dry out the best are baby’s breath, roses, eucalyptus, statice, gomphrena, celosia, strawflowers and sun balls. To do this yourself, simply gather the flowers into a bunch and hang them upside down from a hook. Check the string every few days because as the flowers dry out, they loose water and shrink. The process should be complete within a couple of weeks so you can pop them into a vase without water and continue to admire their beauty.

Press them

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Another common way to make your wedding flowers stand the test of time is to press them between the pages of a book. Check on them every few days and once the moisture has completely evaporated, these can be styled in a frame and presented beautifully as art in your home.

Call on the professionals

If you don’t fancy preserving your wedding flowers yourself, call on the expertise of a professional. There are a wealth of companies which specialise in preserving flowers. Whether it’s freezing or drying them, you will be presented with a keepsake to treasure forever.

Give them to guests

Post wedding flower ideas-guestsIf you’re not really into having your flowers preserved but don’t want to see them go to waste, giving them to guests is a great way to allow someone else to get enjoyment out of them for a few weeks. Simply hand these to guests at the end of the night, telling them to trim the stems and pop them in water as soon as possible so that they last longer.

Drop them off at a nursing home

Post wedding flower ideas-nursing homeIn recent years, many hospitals have strict rules in place regarding flowers but nursing homes are less stringent. Nothing brightens up a place more than flowers so bring joy to someone’s day by dropping off your flowers at a local nursing home.

Give them to staff

Post wedding flower ideas-staffUndeniably, a lot of hard work goes into each wedding, and not just on your part. A wedding day involves a team of vendors who have played their role well. Perhaps your wedding coordinator, chef or hairdresser went the extra mile for you. A great way to show your appreciation is to gift them a bouquet.

Find a floral donation programme

Post wedding flower ideas-donationFinally, it is a good idea to check if there are any floral donation programmes in your local area. Your bouquets could be used to help teach others to create beautiful bouquets, sparking a new career in the process. Alternatively, some programmes will donate your flowers to hospices on your behalf.

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