Wedding cake topper trends you’ll love

The humble wedding cake possesses so much power. Taking centre stage at the reception, it’s one of the first things guests notice as they enter the room. Plus, it gives you the opportunity to choose a topper which just screams your personality. Whether you opt for something traditional or nod to a hobby, here are some amazing ways to top your wedding cake and bring a smile to guests’ faces.

The personalised approach

Wedding cake centre piece ideas you’ll love-personalised

Wedding cake centre piece ideas you’ll love-classic figurines

An easy way to ensure your wedding day stands out from the rest is to add oodles of your personality to it. Choosing a cake topper which references your job or a past-time is an easy way to do just that. Many couples choose to have classic figurines of themselves created out of icing or clay, which also serves as the perfect personal memento. We’ve seen everything from Lego figurines to paper cut outs adorn cakes. Or, for a more modern and simple approach, have a Polaroid photo perched on the top of your cake.

Animals & toys

Wedding cake topper trends you’ll love-animals and toysFor a cutesy take on the trend, have a charming duo of animals top off your cake. The thing we love the most about this idea is that you are limited only by your imagination. Whether you pile on the plastic toys or knitted versions, nod to a bygone era by referencing your favourite childhood characters. Dinosaurs, unicorns, flamingoes… anything goes!

An array of flowers

Wedding cake centre piece ideas you’ll love-flowersFor a chic approach, a firm favourite will always be to have fabulous florals as a cake topper. The beauty of this idea is that it’s an easy way to allude to your colour scheme, helping to seamlessly tie your wedding day together. Plus, you can choose seasonal flowers for an on-trend finish, go bold, or keep things simple.

Bunting toppers

Bunting toppers work for so many scenarios! Firstly, if you’re on a budget, these are a super simple DIY task to take on yourselves. Plus, thanks to their height, it’s an easy way to create a wow moment with a little less expense. Finally, this topper suits a wide variety of cake styles, but works particularly well for the naked or vintage style varieties.

Laser toppers

Wedding cake centre piece ideas you’ll love-laser toppersPerhaps the biggest cake topper trend of 2019 and one which we’re sure we’ll continue to see next year year, laser toppers are perfect for boho or rustic style weddings. Made out of wood, acrylic or wire, go with your initials, first names, married name or a phrase for a wealth of options.

When it comes to choosing your cake topper, as well as considering your personalities, keep your wedding day style in mind for a topper, which complements it perfectly.



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