Things no one tells you about wedding planning

Ah wedding planning. For many, it comes in equal parts excitement and fear! Unless you’ve planned a wedding before, you probably won’t really know what it involves, which is why our goal is to prepare you for EVERY eventuality. So with this in mind, we round up 9 things that no one tells you about planning a wedding.

A casual wedding involves just as much work

Believe it or not, a casual, or more-intimate wedding, will involve just as much work as a more formal affair. The main reason being that although the numbers are smaller (which does cut out some of the work), all of the usual elements such as dress, cake, venue, flowers etc need to be arranged. So if you’ve decided to opt for a more casual affair because you think it’ll be less work, but you really want a more formal affair, re-think your decision.Things no one tells you about wedding planning-1

It will consume your every waking (and probably sleeping) thought

Yes… really! While you might pride yourself on being one of those brides who doesn’t let wedding planning consume her entire life, the reality is that it will, and that’s okay. If you’re only planning on getting married once, it’s definitely fine to allow your wedding day to dominate your life. Just beware of boring others and try not to go overboard or you’ll bore yourself in the process too!Things no one tells you about wedding planning-4

Use pictures… not words

Classic, contemporary, vintage, modern, chic… these words are branded around an awful lot when it comes to wedding styles and believe it or not, each word conveys a different meaning to each person, as it will for each vendor that you speak to. While you might have decided on, for example, a vintage style day, use photos to show your suppliers what you really mean. Remember, the twenties and the seventies are both vintage eras but very different in their style! Save yourself heartache and be very clear about what you envision for your wedding day.Things no one tells you about wedding planning-2

You will definitely cry

Even if you’re not someone who usually cries, make peace with the fact that it’ll happen. Your flowers won’t be in season… your bridesmaid misses her dress fitting… your dream shoes aren’t available in your size… all these scenarios are very real possibilities and definitely worthy of a few tears. Get it out of your system and move on!

An unexpected expense will crop up

No matter how many wedding planning finance spreadsheets you have or how carefully you’ve budgeted for your wedding, at least one minor expense will crop up along the way. The solution is to put a little extra aside just in case, and if you find you don’t need it, add it to the honeymoon fund.Things no one tells you about wedding planning-3

You will row

Wedding planning can reduce even the strongest of couples to rows. And it’ll be over something silly too. Remember, to have one wedding talk free night out a month to set your differences aside and don’t lose sight of why exactly you’re getting married in the first place.

Your fiance won’t care about it all

While you might be passionate about flowers, or cakes, or favours, the truth is, these things probably won’t excite him as much as they do you. Instead of being annoyed about it, be glad that you have free-reign to make the final decision.Things no one tells you about wedding planning-5

But he will care about some of it!

While he won’t be whooping over every element, he’ll probably shock you with the things he is passionate about. When it comes to these elements, involve him as much as possible. You’ll probably find it’s the cake tasting!

Things no one tells you about wedding planning-6

Everyone out there has an opinion

Your mum, his mum, your bridesmaids, your great aunt Margaret… when it comes to your wedding day, EVERYONE will have an opinion on it. Remember to stick to your guns. This is your wedding and they will get to (or already did) do as they wish for their own big day.

Happy planning!

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