2018’s umissable wedding photography round-up

What an amazing year 2018 was! As 2019 kicks off, I’ve taken a little time to reflect on the many wonderful weddings and engagement shoots I had the privilege of shooting. Here’s what last year had in store for my wedding photography…

At weddings, if the opportunity presents itself, I love grabbing the chance to get creative with lighting, especially during the evenings, when it’s a little softer and moody. These romantic shots are welcomed by couples and serve as a lovely addition to wedding albums. Here are a few shots taken outside using one or two lights to capture some dramatic effects.

Creative Lighting

So much time goes into planning a wedding and while it’s obvious to capture those bigger elements such as the cake and flowers, often it’s the smallest objects that have the greatest significance for a couple. Therefore, I devoted plenty of time to photographing these pieces.

Small Details

Small Details -2

Small Details-1

One of 2018’s most memorable wedding photography moments was at Katie and Ryan’s wedding. Katie’s mum and sister had arranged for a stumbling waiter to drop a tray of tea and coffee pots causing quite a commotion. Then, the waiter profusely apologised for ruining their special day before bursting into song, wowing them and their guests in the process.

Katie and Ryan also had a little surprise to announce to their guests. They are expecting their first child this year.

Special Suprises

When it came to cakes last year, I definitely noticed that more and more couples were thinking outside of the box. I expect anything will go this year and we’ll see more bespoke creations.

Wedding Cakes-3

Wedding Cakes-2

Wedding Cakes-1

Flowers play such a big part at weddings. From buttonholes to blooming marvellous bouquets and even spectacular arches, couples really upped the ante and used flowers as a way to impress guests. Here are some of my favourites.

Wedding Flowers-3

Wedding Flowers-2

Wedding Flowers-1

Another thing I noticed was that couples really allowed their personalities to come through via their choice of finishing touches. Whether it’s their occupations, hobbies or how they met, many choose to tell a little story during their special day. These touches were amazing, and really made each wedding unique.

Wedding Personalisation-2

Wedding Personalisation-1

Shoes, shoes and more shoes. From wedding flip flops to Victorian style boots, anything went in 2018! Brides (and grooms) used their footwear to reflect their personal style.

Wedding Shoes

2018 was BIG on colour! Blush pink proved a popular choice for bridesmaid dresses while deeper burgundies and blue tones easily added a welcome pop of colour. With Pantone announcing its Colour Of The Year for 2019 as ‘Living Coral’ we’re expecting to see coral top the charts for summer this year.

Wedding Styles

Ahead of the big day, many couples decided to mark the occasion with a pre-wedding or engagement session. During a period which is typically hectic, this allowed couples to take some time out together and celebrate their love. Furthermore, it meant that they could get a little practice in ahead of the big day, and offered us the chance to get to know each other a little better.

Engagement pre-wedding session-1

Engagement pre-wedding session-2

Engagement pre-wedding session-3

What an amazing year 2018 was. Congratulations to all these couples. I can’t wait to see what 2019 has in-store.


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