The ultimate guide to wedding dress shapes

If you’re newly engaged, no doubt your mind has quickly wandered to that search for your dream dress. While wedding dress shopping is a wonderful experience, for many, it’ll be the only time they embark on the mission, so unsurprisingly it can prove a little daunting.  Thankfully, you can give yourself a head start by swotting up on a wealth of terminology, that isn’t too tricky to navigate.

So before you say yes to the dress, ensure you can distinguish tea-length from trumpet, to ensure that wedding dress shopping is a breeze!

Alluring A-line

Wedding Dress Shapes - Alluring A-line

A-line wedding dresses are easy to spot, given that they quite literally look like the letter A. Perfect for those who fit into the triangle body shape category, A-line dresses cleverly work to streamline silhouettes, instantly making you appear taller and slimmer.

Terrific trumpet

Wedding Dress Shapes - Terrific Trumpet

Trumpet…mermaid… fishtail; whatever you choose to call it, this figure-hugging silhouette contours to the body, while flaring out below the knee. The style is perfect for hour-glass beauties, effortlessly showing off your killer curves.

Beautiful ballgown

Wedding Dress Shapes - Beautiful Ballgown

There’s no denying that the classic ballgown is all about drama, so it’s best suited to the bride who wishes to make a statement. With a fitted bodice and trademark full skirt, the style works particularly well on boyish figures as it easily creates the illusion of curves. Pear-shaped ladies will also love this silhouette, with the bodice working to skim your waist, while the billowy skirt disguises hips.

Stylish sheath

Wedding Dress Shapes - Stylish Sheath

The sheath or column style is a simple silhouette, with a straight skirt, that falls to the floor. Exuding romance thanks to its light and floaty feel, it is ideal for petite or slim brides who don’t want to overwhelm their figure.

Delightful dropped waist

Wedding Dress Shapes - Delightful Dropped Waist

A dropped waist dress offers just that – a waistline that falls around the hip area. Typically, 1920’s style dresses take on this silhouette, which are perfect for athletic or slim brides.

Short and sweet

Wedding Dress Shapes - Shortn and Sweet

Adored by the bride with a penchant for vintage, tea-length dresses will easily help you exude vintage vibes. Popularly finished with a full skirt, which falls between the calf and the ankle, this short and sweet style is great for showcasing a pair of fabulous shoes, while easily allowing you to dance the night away in style.

Chic sweetheart

Wedding Dress Shapes - Chic Sweetheart

When it comes to necklines, sweetheart is top of the list for many brides. Versatile, flattering and oh so romantic, the curved and dipped bodice is a clever way to flatter broad shoulders.


Wedding Dress Shapes - V-Neckline

Easily identified by its tell-tale deep-V plunging neckline, this silhouette works hard to flatter broad shoulders. A popular choice on the red carpet, this distinctly modern neckline is a firm favourite with fashion-forward brides.

Now that you’re clued in, finding your dream dress is sure to be a fun-filled experience.

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