What to do with your wedding dress post-wedding

There’s no doubt about it; brides often go on a real mission to find the wedding dress of their dreams, so it isn’t surprising that many are left wondering what to do with it after the wedding. Usually, a great deal of thought, attention (and money) goes into buying a wedding dress, so if you’re keen to get the most out of it, check out our top tips on what to do with your wedding dress, post-wedding.

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Wear it again

Okay, so this option definitely won’t work for everyone, but if your wedding dress is relatively low key, look for opportunities to wear it again. Just maybe ditch the veil and glitzy jewellery in favour of a different colour of shoe (or boots) and play around with accessories, which definitely don’t scream bridal. The key is to think of it as a white dress, rather than a wedding dress. Keira Knightly (pictured above) wore her wedding dress several times, before an unfortunate red wine incident.

Re-invent it

If your wedding dress definitely screams bridal and is more on the glamorous side, consider bringing it to a dressmaker to work their magic. If the top has exquisite detailing, it could be changed into a top and skirt. Or, have it shortened to turn it into a more practical occasionwear dress. The great thing about having your dress repurposed is that although it looks different, it will still feel special every time you wear it. If none of these options work for you, consider having it turned into a christening robe, if children are in your future.

Wedding dress
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Donate it to charity

There are many brides who are dreaming of a big white dress, without the hefty price tag, so why not donate it to a charity shop, and let it bring joy to someone else? Oxfam, Barnados or St. Vincent De Paul charity shops all gladly receive wedding dress donations. Likewise, Cherised Gowns is a worthy cause. The charity transforms donated wedding dresses into carefully crafted burial gowns for babies that are born too soon, too late or too poorly. These gowns are then donated to hospitals and parents around the UK, completely free of charge.

Pass it on

Many brides opt to keep their wedding dress in the hope of passing it onto any future daughters they may have. It’s worth keeping in mind, that many grow up to have their own personal style and may not be that keen to wear it as it is, so some alterations may be required.

Another take on this, is to keep it for dressing up purposes. Your children will have hours of fun trying it on and playing dress up, which is more practical and enjoyable than leaving it sitting in a box.

Wedding dresses post-wedding

With this option, just remember to store it carefully, by having it wrapped in acid-free tissue paper and kept in a warm, dry place.

Sell it

If your wedding dress isn’t particularly sentimental to you, there is always the option to sell it and spend the money in a meaningful way, which honours its legacy. Reinvent your wedding dress by perhaps buying a piece of art for your home, or a new pet. Or, take that trip of a lifetime that you’ve always dreamed of. If you do go down this road, make sure you sell your dress on a reputable website or through a shop, which is experienced in this service.

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