Alternative wedding gift ideas

Whether you’re a couple putting together your wedding gift list, or you’re a guest lacking a little #inspo, choosing the perfect gift is a breeze thanks to our alternative wedding gift guide.

Let’s not beat about the bush! Aside from the romance of course, one of the perks of getting married is the gifts you receive. Thanks to the rise in popularity of the wedding gift list or simply just stating what you want from guests, long gone are the days of receiving several unwanted toasters or 20 towels.

While some couples may feel a little embarrassed at the prospect of telling guests what to gift them, think of it this way… by actually stating what you want, you’re saving guests the headache of choosing something on your behalf. Plus, they’re under no obligation to actually give you what you’ve stated, and so are free to choose something else if they deem it more appropriate.

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So without further ado, here’s our round-up of wedding gift ideas for every couple…

Gifts for your home

Traditionally, couples registered at a certain shop for their wedding gifts. Guests were then sent the list of items and chose what they wanted to purchase. This worked particularly well for couples purchasing a new home – a milestone which formerly coincided with getting married. Nowadays, many couples live together prior to getting married so a registered gift list may not be beneficial. However, if you find yourself in the position of needing some new things for your home, going down this avenue is perfect. It is also favoured by older, more traditional guests, who prefer to give a physical gift. Remember, when choosing gifts that you’d like to receive, include a range of items with different price points.

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Nowadays, there is definitely no shame in asking for money and there is actually a very polite way to do it. We love the idea of adding in a little poem with your invite to highlight to guests what you’d prefer…

“We’re tying the knot and we just can’t wait,
We knew it would happen on our very first date.
As we’ve got our home dressed up with accessories,
We don’t really think that a wedding gift list is necessary.
But if you did want to give something to help us on our way,
Some money in a card would truly make our day!”


Likewise, if you’re dreaming of a once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon, it’s common nowadays to ask guests to contribute towards it. Again, a simple poem is an effective way to nod to your needs…

“As we’ve lived together for a year or two,
We really don’t need anything new.
But if you were thinking of getting us a small wedding gift,
Some money for our honeymoon wouldn’t go amiss.”

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Photography vouchers

There’s no doubt about it; planning a wedding can be an expensive affair and some couples would definitely appreciate money towards it. But rather than asking directly for cash to pay for your big day, why not ask for vouchers towards a certain aspect of it? For example, many family members approach me to purchase photography gift vouchers for couples who have booked me for their big day. These can be redeemed against the final balance and are warmly received by couples.

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Customised gifts

One of the nicest wedding gifts to receive is something personalised and thankfully there are a wealth of options out there. Websites such as Not On The High Street and Etsy are the perfect place to start. From customised prints to ornaments, adding a couple’s name and date of their wedding is a great keepsake. Plus, if a couple asks for money for their wedding gift, adding in something customised is a lovely little extra that they’ll definitely love.

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Contact me if you’d like to purchase photography vouchers as a wedding gift or find out more information. 

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