13 things to do when you get engaged

Congratulations if you’ve just got engaged! When the whirlwind that has swept you off your feet settles, you may wonder… what’s next? A common question many brides ask themselves, we’re here to ensure you don’t feel overwhelmed, thanks to my round-up of 13 things to do as soon as you get engaged.

1. Call your parents

1 Call your parents

And anyone else who should hear it from you first. Whether it’s siblings, friends or family, if there’s someone who doesn’t want to hear it via a social media status update, get on the phone and share your good news, that is unless of course, you’ve both decided to keep it under wraps for a while – just don’t leave it too long.

2. Treat yourself to a manicure
2 Treat yourself to a manicure

All eyes will be on you, and more importantly on your hand for the next week or two so treat yourself to a manicure. Even if you prefer a more natural look, having your nails filed and painted will ensure that ring is showcased to perfection.

3. Celebrate
3 Celebrate

Whether it’s a night away with your other half, a family meal or a blow out engagement party, celebrate your engagement in a way that suits your style.

4. Book an engagement shoot
4 Book an engagement shoot

The perfect way to mark your engagement and the start of the next chapter of your lives together, engagement shoots are still proving popular. As well as receiving a gorgeous set of prints to cherish forever, you’ll get to spend a few moments together, during what can be a chaotic time. Plus, choosing a location that holds a special place in your hearts will make it even more memorable. You’ll even be able to pull out a few poses so that by the time your wedding day comes, you’ll be pros in front of the camera. Checkout my Engagement sessions here.

5. Get your ring insured
5 Get your ring insured

While it might not be the most romantic thing in the world, it can save heartache in the long run. Add your engagement ring to your home insurance policy (it’s surprisingly cheap) and give yourself peace of mind.

6. Get your ring resized
6 Get your ring resized

And on that subject, if your ring isn’t the perfect fit, get it resized or risk it slipping off your finger when you least expect it to.

7. Take a break
7 Take a break

Before you delve deep into the world of wedding planning, take a few week’s break first. Revel in your engagement, soak it all up and prepare for phase 2… wedding planning!

8. Choose a date
8 Choose a date

When you’re ready to start planning, ease yourself in and start by looking at potential dates. The most popular wedding venues book up years in advance, so if you’re thinking of saying your “I dos” in the next year or two, choose some potential dates that work for you and your family.

9. Research venues
9 Research venues

Speaking of venues, with your date in mind, check some out by starting online. Consider the type of venue you’d like for your wedding as well as location to narrow down your search.

10. Get inspired
10 Get inspired

The best way to start wedding planning is to feel inspired. Whether it’s pinning wedding images on Pinterest that catch your eye or flipping through wedding magazines, choose your source of inspiration. Wedding fairs are a great place to start. Housing many amazing vendors under one roof, you can get a feel for your day. Check out our blog post here on getting the most out of attending wedding fairs.

11. Money talks
11 Money talks

Probably the most sensitive subject when it comes to wedding planning, get the money talks out of the way first. Determine a budget, open a savings account and save, save, save!

12. Decide on your bridal party
12 Decide on your bridal party

One of the most fun parts of wedding planning, is deciding who will be up there with you. There are so many amazing and fun ways to tell your bridal party that they’re team bride so get creative and enjoy the process.

13. And breathe
13 Do something fun together

Make sure you do something fun together as a couple. There’s no denying that wedding planning can be stressful so remember not to lose sight of why you’re doing it. Whether it’s a date night once a week or month, make a point of doing something fun together!

Happy Planning!

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