5 worst wedding planning tasks

Congratulations on your engagement! No doubt you’re keen to delve deep into the wonderful world of wedding planning. But before you start scrapbooking and Pinterest pinning, it’s time to talk priorities! While planning your wedding is a wonderful experience, there are a few important tasks to get out of the way first. Here, we share the 5 worst wedding planning tasks to get out of the way first.

Money talks

Undoubtedly one of the worst wedding planning tasks but essential to start with, is determining your budget. Your entire wedding day hinges on your budget so before you start booking suppliers and trying on dresses, get number crunching to determine what you can afford. If your parents will be contributing to the day, it’s also important to include them in the process. Obviously, it’s one of the least pleasant conversations to have so it’s always nice to get it out of the way before you are consumed by sparkle and dreamy dresses.

Be my guest

When you’re setting your budget, you’ll gather a rough idea of how many guests you can invite, which is essential when it comes to finding your perfect venue. To ensure this task is a breeze, start with a long list in priority of everyone you’d love there. Now it’s time to get ruthless and whittle down those numbers. This way you can ensure you invite the people you absolutely want to be there and if you find you can invite more… voila!

Being realistic about numbers will save you tonnes of heartache and stress in the future. Likewise, don’t allow family members (within reason) to determine who attends your big day.

Making a list

Armed with your budget and guest list, you should have a good idea of what you want and can have for your wedding day. If you’re not a fan of lists, you’ve little option but to become one. Any wedding planner will tell you that the key to a successful event is being as organised as possible, and that starts with making lists.

Write out everything you need to organise for the wedding and set yourself deadlines for each task. Plus, trust us – nothing beats the feeling of ticking a completed task off a list!

Sent with love

When was the last time anyone sent their friends a letter? In the days of social media, it’s highly unlikely you have a list of all your relatives’ and friends’ addresses and it can take a surprisingly long time to gather them all up. It’s named one of the worst wedding planning tasks, due to how time consuming it can be. So, in particular, if you plan to send save the dates, this one is definitely a priority.

Accommodation woes

5-worst-wedding-planning-tasks-5Once you have your wedding venue confirmed, don’t delay in reserving accommodation for your guests. Many hotels have a limited number of rooms you can block book and if you hang about, they could get snapped up by someone else. It’s also a good idea to check out other hotels and accommodation options in the area, such as bed & breakfasts.

While wedding planning is a fun-filled time, it does come with its stresses. However, get these worst wedding planning tasks out of the way first and the rest of the process will be a breeze!

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