Digital Photography Package: Everything You Need To Know

When it comes to capturing your wedding day, most couples think it’s just about finding the perfect photographer. While of course, this is a must, you also need to consider which photography package matches your needs. With more and more couples choosing to go down the digital photography package route, here, I share the pros and cons of this option and what you need to look out for when choosing this format.

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The major plus-points of a digital photography package

    • Having digital images from your wedding day allows you to make your own creations and prints, in a way that suits you.
    • If you’re the type of person who longs for every single moment of your day to be captured, regardless of having multiple similar photos, this option is perfect. You will literally have access to hundreds of photos from your wedding, to ensure you don’t miss a beat!
    • With the rise in the digital age, it has never been easier to share images with friends and family all around the world.
    • A digital photography package is perfect for the creative with time on their hands. There are so many things that you can do with your digital images such as slideshows, apps, websites, montages, prints, cards, creating your own books and albums… the list is almost endless. If the thought of a wedding album just doesn’t do it for you and you’d prefer a more unique way to showcase your photos, this is ideal.

Digital Wedding Packages

A few cons of a digital photography package to keep in mind

    • With so many digital images available, ask yourself if you will actually ever look at them all and how often?
    • Will your friends and family really want to sit through hundreds or even thousands of wedding photos? Consider whether having a smaller selection of just the best is better.
    • Receiving a USB full of images after your wedding can feel a little underwhelming compared to getting a beautifully presented wedding album, full of memories and a carefully chosen array of perfect moments.
    • As I always keep in touch with past, present and future clients, I am often asking them: “So what have you done with your wedding photos?”. Typically the answer is, “Well they are on the computer” or “We’ve saved a few to our phone”. Others simply say they just haven’t had the time to do anything with them yet. In truth, not many people create their own albums or wall prints because of time constraints or struggling to find the right products to print them to.
    • You can’t always guarantee that your printed creations will turn out as you have expected. With so many different printing suppliers on the market, it is tricky to find those that provide the exact same quality, time and time again. Some high street printers really aren’t that good or consistent and it can end up costing you more money in having images re-printed.
    • What happens if your USB is corrupt or worse, lost? Something that small can easily be misplaced. Does your photographer offer a backup copy, how long for and will they charge you?

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    Digital photography packages – points to consider

    If you do decide to go for a digital photograph package, here are some points to keep in mind:

    • Choose quality over quantity! Don’t be drawn in by photographers that offer you all of your wedding photos for a cheap or relatively low price. These photographers tend to be at the lower end of the market. You can expect to receive tons of photos quite soon after the wedding but little will be done in terms of making them look their best.
    • When a photographer is committed to supplying you with lots of digital photos, the creative thought process is often left out of the equation. Here you will find lots of very similar photos just to make up the numbers. Having all the images of your wedding day might sound amazing but can spark boredom as you troll through repetitive shots.
    • Ensure you get a digital print license for the photos that you have purchased. This is a must for any couple wishing to print their wedding photos. Due to copyright law you do need the photographer’s permission to print your own wedding photos and most good photographers will provide this with their packages when supplying you with digital images.
    • Watch out for photographers that don’t offer a digital print license as these can be sold for a hefty price at a later date. Or, you may be required to purchase your prints through that photographer, which again, can be expensive.
    • Keep print quality in mind. Ensure your photographer will be providing you with high-resolution, print ready images. Typically these are images that have a 300dpi resolution setting and can be scaled up to produce very large prints. This is particularly important if you are planning on having photos printed and framed for your home.
    • Do not accept RAW images as these will not have all the required edits and chances are you won’t be able to view them.
    • Make sure that that any digital image you receive is colour corrected, edited for distractions and made print ready.
    • Find out how will you receive your digital photos. The most common way is USB but other methods include DVDs, file sharing, email and digital downloads to name a few.
    • Finally, when you do receive your digital images please remember to back up those precious images just in case anything happens to your master copy.

    Digital Photography Packages

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