Hatfield Forest pre-wedding session with Katie & Ryan

What a summer it’s been! With the longest heatwave it years, it’s been challenging taking couples out in the sweltering heat. Plus, believe it or not – it’s actually harder to photograph in the sunshine than the pouring rain, as the harsh lighting from the sun can be tricky!

Hatfield Forest Pre-wedding Session-1

Hatfield Forest Pre-wedding Session-2

With Katie and Ryan’s wedding coming up, we decided to take advantage of the dry spell and head to Hatfield Forest for their pre-wedding session. However, on the morning, the heavens opened up! While the downpours were most definitely welcome following the drought, I feared our plans would be put on hold.

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Hatfield Forest Pre-wedding Session-4

However, after speaking to the couple, with Ryan remarking: “It’s only rain”, I was delighted that they were happy to embrace the wet weather. A secret confession of mine… I actually love photographing in the rain so having a relaxed couple who were happy to brave the elements, was a refreshing change for me.

Hatfield Forest Pre-wedding Session-5

Hatfield Forest Pre-wedding Session-6

We met at Hatfield Forest, a gorgeous spot and new location for me. We kicked things off with a few photos at the Shell House just before the rain really started to come down.  We took coverage here for a while before venturing out into the forest, moving around and seeking shelter from the trees when the rain threatened again.

Hatfield Forest Pre-wedding Session-7

Hatfield Forest Pre-wedding Session-8

As we moved around the forest, we used the time to discuss their wedding day plans, and in particular, their photography. We also chatted about tips and advice for posing and photo locations, so that on the day, capturing their photos will be a breeze for everyone involved. Being prepared means less time being photographed, and more time with guests, which is definitely what a couple wants on their wedding day. Plus, I’ll be there in the background, snapping away and making sure that no moment goes missed!

I am really looking forward to their wedding, later this month!


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