Bridal hair and beauty tips: Dos + Don’ts

Your wedding day is the one day in your life when you’ll truly want to look your best! With all eyes on the bride, (not to mention cameras), looking like the best version of themselves is a goal for many brides. With this pressure, some ladies turn to new treatments or products in the run-up to the big day. However, we’ve definitely all heard the horror stories! So with this in mind, we’ve complied a list of dos and don’ts. Armed with these bridal hair and beauty tips, looking amazing has never been easier!

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The weeks before…

1. Don’t change your beauty routine: If you already have a tried and trusted beauty routine in place, stick to it. The run-up to the wedding definitely isn’t the time to try new products, which can bring with them allergic reactions and rashes, so use your usual cleansers, shampoos and shower gels.

2. Do book appointments: Considering a facial or intense treatment such as a peel? If so, book this a few months before the wedding to give your skin time to settle.

3. Don’t wax too close to the wedding: The great thing about waxing is that the effects last for weeks so to be safe, have yours carried out two weeks before the wedding.

4. Do avoid salt: Sodium is renowned for retaining water and just like alcohol, can cause bloating of the face so if this is a concern, cut down as soon as possible.

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The week before…

5. Don’t exfoliate too much: While a gentle exfoliator is good for ridding the skin of dead cells, using one which is too hard or repeatedly exfoliating close to the wedding can dehydrate it, which makes make-up application harder.

6. Do stay out of the sun: While vitamin-D is great for skin, the sunburnt look is not. Be wary of strap marks too. If you’re wearing a strapless dress, white strap marks can really take away from the look. Factor 50 at all times!

7. Don’t get a spray tan: If you’re having a spray tan, make sure you book this with a professional (preferably after a trial), a couple of days before the wedding.

8. Do book a professional hair appointment: Do not be tempted to cut or colour your own hair. While this may save some pennies, a hair disaster is definitely a stress best avoided. Have your hair cut and coloured a few weeks beforehand by an established and reputable hairdresser. Even better if it’s the one who will be styling your hair on the day.

9. Don’t do your nails too early: The week before the wedding sees many on-the-go days and heavy lifting. Having your nails done too early risks chips ahead of the big day. A day or two before the wedding, book a gel manicure, which lasts two to three weeks and perfect if you’re heading on honeymoon straight after.

10. Do avoid high-heat styling products: Straighteners and curling irons can play havoc on hair, so if you can, lay off them ahead of the wedding. If heat-styling is simply a must, use a heat protective spray to coat the hair and help prevent breakage.

11. Don’t risk a bridal break-out: Be mindful of what you eat, take care of your skin and up your water intake to ensure your skin glows on your wedding day.

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The day of the wedding

12. Don’t try anything new: At this stage, you should have a vision for your hair and make-up in mind, especially if you had a trial with a professional. Don’t be tempted to sway from what you originally decided or you may regret it later.

13. Do wash your hair the night before: While we all love the feeling of freshly washed hair, it’s a hairdresser’s worst nightmare. Washing your hair the night before gives its natural oils sometime to replenish, making working with your hair much easier, for a more flawless finish.

14. Don’t pluck your eyebrows: Angry brows are definitely not a good look so have them professionally done a few days before the wedding, and lightly tweeze any stray hairs on the morning.

15. Do keep hydrated: With the combination of nerves and rushing around, it can be easy to forget to eat and drink. Put a member of your #bridesquad on food and refreshment duties.

16. Don’t apply SPF: While wearing SPF every day is definitely recommended, on your wedding day it’s best skipped as it can make skin look a little shiny in photos.

17. Do be mindful of your make-up: There will be hugging and tears so remember to be mindful of your make-up. To avoid streaky mascara, if you feel yourself welling up, hold a tissue in the corner of your eyes to catch those tears before they fall.

18. Don’t forget your bridesmaids: Your bridesmaids will definitely thank-you for arranging to have their hair and make-up professionally done too.

19. Do create an emergency bridal kit: Another task easily assigned to a bridesmaid, pull together a handy kit of things you might need for the day, such as extra eyelash glue, hairpins and hairspray.

20. Don’t be too hard on yourself: While many brides strive for perfection on their wedding day, be true to yourself. Don’t do anything drastic. Your partner is marrying YOU and loves you for who you are so keep this in mind at all times.


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