Newland Hall Wedding with Katie & Michael

A great start to 2015 saw me heading off for Katie & Michael’s Newland Hall wedding and I just couldn’t wait to get back in to the swing of things. I spend lots of time and effort helping each couple in their wedding preparations with particular attention to their wedding day timings and photo schedule.

I’ve heard of far too many photographers turning up to weddings unprepared and see them running and flapping around not only getting themselves stressed but also the bride and groom – not a good situation to be in!

Preparation is key and Katie & Michael’s wedding was no exception. Three different locations to consider plus two ceremonies and a costume change not to mention the wedding day vehicles. A gorgeous camper van and a very special treat for the groom a real truck enthusiast.

Their day went smoothly with the only real issue being the weather. A very chilly 2 degree celsius but that didn’t put them or their guests off getting their wedding photos.

The first part of the day was getting those all-important bridal preparation photos and both mum and dad allowed me to rearrange their living room to get these wonderful photos. Not only a great wedding dress but a large selection of bridal shoes to mix things up a little.


Once the bridal preparation was over and despite the cold temperatures we popped outside for some lovely photos before heading off to the church. Photos with not only the bridesmaids but also the brides parents was a must have.


Once at the church I met up with the groom and bestman who both seemed relaxed and confident, well until they were called into the church.


Every church has its own rules and this one was no exception. All photography had to take place from the back of the church but despite this I still managed to get those all-important shots that every bride and groom wants.




Standing out in the cold is never any fun so speed and organisation was key in getting the group photos completed as quick as I could both at the Church and Newland Hall. Here is a mixture from both venues, the Church and Newland Hall in Chelmsford.



A Chinese ceremony was planned for this wedding and was full of the usual colourful outfits and gift sharing that occurs. Organised chaos with everyone diving in with cameras getting their photos, giving gifts and well wishes – love it!


Once the ceremony had taken place we nipped out for a few more photos.


The marquee at Newlands Hall is stunning but does become a little challenging once the sun goes down. As a photographer it is essential that you can use the light available to you to capture those wonderful memories and this is where experience comes in.


The Bride & Grooms first dance followed the first Dance with the Bride & her Dad. A surprise Gangnam style dance by Dad could have really put the bride on the spot but she took it in her stride and joined in!



“We first met Marc at the Bluewater wedding fair, he was friendly and we were really impressed with his photos and photos on display.

We had a free photo session which we really enjoyed Marc made us feel instantly comfortable and listened to our wishes. From the session we knew we made the right decision.

Marc has been in constant contact ensuring we are well and helping us organise timings to ensure we have enough time with him to get the photos we want.

We also had a pre-wedding photo shoot which was brilliant as not only did it help us choose a lovely photo for our signing board it has also helped remind us of what to expect on our day and help us not feel so nervous or look so awkward in photos.

I would definitely recommend Marc and I am very glad we have him to capture our special day.

Thank you!”


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