The do’s and don’ts of social media at weddings

It’s no surprise that wedding traditions have changed in recent years. With the rise of the digital age, comes a need to get savvy when it comes to social media at weddings. To ensure you’re clued in, check out our dos and don’ts to help you get the most out of social media before, during and after your wedding.

Dos and donts of social media at weddings

Do follow engagement announcement protocol

When your other half has popped the question, no doubt you’ll be keen to spread the word. But before the excitement takes over, make sure you share the happy news with those closest to you first. Think of all the people who may be offended if they hear about your engagement from someone else, or via social media. And after everyone has been informed, you can share your perfect #ringselfie online.


Don’t forget to share your rules

If you have thoughts about the use of social media on your wedding day, don’t forget to tell your guests. More and more couples are choosing to ask guests to refrain from taking photos during the ceremony. After all, you don’t want them missing your vows while they’re looking at a screen. Instead allow a few minutes for photos of you signing your register once the official photos are done. If you have guests joining later in the day, it’s also a good call to ask guests not to upload photos to social media or risk ruining the surprise for others.


Do collate your photos after

With a whole host of social media platforms you won’t want to miss any of your wedding photos being uploaded. The easiest way to collect all the photos your guests have shared online is by asking them to use your chosen wedding hashtag. Go for a hashtag that’s unique so that you can easily find your photos.


Don’t offload online

While wedding planning can be a stressful experience, avoid the temptation to offload online. After an eventful day venue visiting or being let down by an unruly bridesmaid don’t tweet your anger. Allow your rage to simmer before you hit that keyboard. A spur of the moment message about how you’ve been continuously let down may just come back to bite you later.

The good news is that if you do need to vent (and you’d rather do it with strangers), there are a whole host of wedding forums online, where brides-to-be can definitely relate to what you’re going through.

Do keep some secrets

Cake tasting, venue visiting, decor choices and dress fittings are all too easy to share online but just remember to leave some surprises for the day. The less you post online about your wedding, the bigger the surprise will be for guests.

And before you get pinning on Pinterest, make sure you choose the ‘secret board’ option or risk your followers revelling in your day before it even happens.

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Don’t be afraid to go unplugged

The rise in the unplugged wedding means it’s acceptable to ask guests not to share your wedding snaps online. Make your intentions clear with a carefully worded statement on your invites. Go for wording such as: “We invite you to fully share in our special day so please leave your camera in your bag and your mobile on mute.” Let guests know that you have a professional photographer and you’d be more than happy to share some of your photos with them.

Do go without your phone

Your wedding day passes in the blink of an eye so don’t waste precious moments on your phone. After all, everyone you care about will be in one room. Save your Instagram updates and Facebook well-wishes until the next day.

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Don’t let phones ruin your photography

It’s amazing the stories you hear about photographers being unable to get a shot of a prime moment because a sea of smartphones are blocking the way. If your photographer mentions this on the day, take control of the situation. Assign a couple of ushers to ask guests to put their phones away. After all, you’ll want to treasure your professional photos forever and there’s some things that Photoshop just can’t fix.

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