Wedding party roles

Planning a wedding can be a pretty big deal, but thanks to the perfect support system – aka your wedding party – help is at hand. Here, we take a look at the common roles assigned to members of the wedding party.

The wedding party is usually made up of the following:
Bride & groom / bride & bride / groom & groom
Maid/Matron of Honour / Chief Bridesmaid
Best Man
Ushers / Groomsmen
Flower Girl
Mother & father of the bride
Mother & father of the groom

Wedding party roles-The Happy Couple

As the couple getting married, your duties are (unsurprisingly) to plan the wedding. Although members of the wedding party will be assigned roles to help you, you are mainly responsible for all aspects of planning your wedding such as setting the budget, booking the venue, deciding on numbers, choosing your wedding party, booking your wedding vendors and organising your honeymoon.

Wedding party roles-The Bride
On her own, the bride will undertake a few tasks, namely the following:

Finding the dress

Your bridesmaids, mum (and whoever you choose) will assist with this process, but ultimately it’s your day and the final decision is down to you. Most brides love this part of wedding planning, especially as they can make a girlie day of it. You’ll also need to find accessories including veil, shoes and jewellery.

Choosing the bridesmaid dresses

Often a little more tricky than choosing your own dress, especially if you have a few bridesmaids, the bride should take on the duty of deciding on what her leading ladies will wear. The key is to find something which all your bridesmaids look and feel comfortable wearing.

Gifts for your girls

As a token of thanks, the majority of brides give their bridesmaids a gift on the day of the wedding. Jewellery is popular, and works particularly well if it matches their dresses.

Wedding party roles-The Groom
Suit up

As well as your own suit, you’ll need to choose ones for the rest of the grooms party. This includes ties and shoes too.


For many, the most dreaded part of wedding planning is writing the speech. The key is to write it early and practice, practice, practice. Don’t forget to thank everyone, and compliment your bride, of course.

Gifts for your guys

Just like the bride, you’ll need to say thanks. Gifts for the groomsmen range from personalised hip flasks to cufflinks.

Wedding party roles-Cheif Bridesmaid

Help with organising

The key role of the chief bridesmaid is to help as much as possible without being intrusive. Duties usually include helping choose the dress, ensuring the day runs to the planned schedule, holding the bouquet, making sure the other bridesmaids know where they are supposed to be and planning the hen do.

Moral support

Whether the bride wants to let off some steam, needs help with decisions or is feeling overwhelmed, the chief bridesmaid should offer support where possible.

Wedding party roles-The Best Man
Help with organising

Just like the chief bridesmaid, the best man often plays a little role in helping organise the day. His main duties usually include assisting with choosing suits, picking them up and bringing them back, helping set up the reception room, paying vendors on the day, keeping the rings safe and organising the stag do.

Speech, speech!

And of course, there’s that all important speech. The onus is on the best man to deliver a speech which is memorable, entertaining and a tribute to the groom. Don’t forget to compliment the bride and bridesmaids too.

Wedding party roles-Bridesmaids


The bridesmaids will often help the bride choose her dress, as well as attending fittings. They’ll also need to be available for appointments for their own dresses.

Hen do

Often the chief bridesmaid will take most of the burden but the bridesmaids should be involved as much as possible. Choose an event which the bride will love.

Offer help

Whether it’s helping with the table plan, place names or making up favours, offer help in anyway you can.

Wedding party roles-Groomsmen Ushers-1
Lend a helping hand

The chief role of the groomsmen is to ensure a smooth running day. Simple tasks such as handing out and collecting the Order of Service and showing guests to their seats are key. Like the best man, you may be involved in helping plan the stag.

Wedding party roles-Mother of the Bride
Enjoy it

Be involved as much as the bride wants. Attend dress appointments and fittings and have fun choosing your own outfit. On the day, speak to guests, thank them for coming and be ready for lots of photos.

Wedding party roles-Father of the Bride
Walk the bride down the aisle

On the morning of the wedding, you’ll escort your daughter to the ceremony and walk her down the aisle, before handing her over to her groom.

Father-daughter dance

The bride and her father will usually participate in a dance together so brush up on your dancing skills and have those tissues at the ready.

Wedding party roles-Flower Girls and Page Boys
Look cute!

It’s a simple as that

Wedding planning is a wonderful experience, made even more so by having the best people around you. Make sure you choose to have your favourite people by your side and ensure everyone knows their roles.

Wedding party roles-Cheif Bridesmaid

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