How to choose your wedding colour scheme

Choosing your wedding colour scheme… another thing that needs ticked off that ever-growing wedding planning to do list. No doubt you sit in one of two camps; you decided on your colours while daydreaming at school, or (like the majority of people), you haven’t a clue where to start. Thankfully, we’ve got you covered. Here, we round up our top tips to help you choose your wedding colour scheme with ease.

Go with your heart, not with the trends

Go with your heart, not with the trendsWhile it can be tempting to go with what’s stylish right now, remember that trends come and go. What’s hot right now, won’t be in a mere matter of weeks. While it can be blissful to spend hours pouring over bridal magazines, it’s important to know that much of what you see right now, won’t be in vogue for very long. If you find yourself veering towards a particular colour scheme because you think it’s what people will expect, pull yourself back. It’s much better to opt for colours which you love, rather than what’s hot right now.

In fact, if these colours hold special value to you, even better! Perhaps you want to add pops of pink roses to your bouquet because they remind you of your granny’s garden! Or maybe you love blissful blues and greens because they draw on the ocean from a recent trip you took with your fiancé(e). Gathering inspiration in this way is a beautiful way to decide on your wedding colour scheme.

Check out your venue

Check out your venueWhile there’s no hard or fast rules that dictate you must choose colours based on your venue, it’s a good idea to avoid a clash of colours or style. For example, a bright pink table cloth probably won’t look right in a historic setting, while intricate golds and plush forest greens might not suit a modern style venue. When you’re visiting your reception venue, pay attention to colours, particularly strong hues, which have the potential to clash.

Be guided by the seasons

Be guided by the seasonsIf you’re stuck for inspiration, a great starting point is to look to the season. Certain colours are often associated with the time of year. Pastels are typical of spring and summer months, while autumn offers an abundance of beautiful burgundys, oranges and reds. But remember, your colour scheme should reflect your personalities and tastes so if you love hues which are typically associated with another season, don’t let that put you off.

Go for a palette of colours

Go for a palette of coloursWhile it can be tempting to find one hue you like and use it for absolutely everything, it can be a little overpowering. It’s a good idea to opt for a colour palette to keep things interesting. Start with the colour you like and find those which complement it by visiting to find its perfect pairings.

Avoid clashes

Avoid clashesWhen you’ve chosen your colour scheme, stick to it and watch for clashes in everything such as flowers, dresses and your cake. If you choose one hue for your bouquets, don’t opt for a completely different colour for bridesmaid dresses. Remember, your wedding colour scheme shouldn’t just apply to your wedding reception decor choices, but the wedding day as a whole.

Make sure everyone is on the same page

Make sure everyone is on the same pageWhether you’ve enlisted the services of a wedding planner or are calling on the expertise of a trusty friend, make sure whoever else is involved in choosing details is aware of your colour scheme. But what’s more important than this, is not to allow your decision to be swayed by others. If you decide on hues that you like, remember that you came to this decision for good reason so don’t let others dictate your decor choices.

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