The easiest way to seat your wedding guests

Avoid a bridal breakdown thanks to our top tips on how to seat your wedding guests.

Ask any couple what their least favourite part of wedding planning was and be met with a chorus of ‘seating plan’. While admittedly, most people find this process frustrating, with a little prior knowledge and our top tips, ensuring your guests are sitting pretty is a breeze!

Realise it’s a must

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The best bit of advice that we can offer is to resist thinking that you don’t need a seating plan. Even if you’re planning a relaxed, low key day, skipping this step can lead to chaos. For most weddings, family politics come into play and there are always people who just won’t get along. Spending a little time considering who would be best seated beside who will keep proceedings harmonious and prevent your reception turning into a free-for-all as guests scramble to choose seats.

Prepare well in advance

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Typically, wedding invites are sent out 8 weeks before the wedding day and usually include an RSVP deadline. Once you’ve received all your replies (often after a little chasing up), now is the time to create your seating plan. Don’t be tempted to leave this to the night before the wedding. Trust us – it really isn’t worth the headache. Give yourself plenty of time so that any last minute changes can be easily dealt with.

Organisation is key

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Taking a little time to get organised will go a long way in making this process as painless as possible. Whether you choose to do it digitally via a spreadsheet or go old school with pen and paper, a good place to start is by categorising each table. For example, best friends plus their partner’s table, cousins table etc.

Draw it out

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An easy way to work things out is to actually visualise the set up of your venue. Start with a big sheet of paper and draw a circle to represent each table. Then, either write or use Post-It notes for each guest and where you want to put them. If you’d prefer to do things digitally, check out Top Table Planner, which is a fab tool allowing you to drag and drop guests and organise them as you like.


Traditional or not?

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Traditionally, the bride and groom sit with the bridal party at a long top table, facing the rest of the room. However, we’ve noticed recently that more and more couples are veering from this formal style set-up. If you’re having a more relaxed affair, or this just doesn’t appeal to you, don’t be afraid to sway from the norm.

Who sits where?

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As mentioned, a great way to decide who sits where is by creating categories, such as friends, cousins, etc. Ultimately, you may be left with people who don’t fall into a particular category or there may just be too many people of the same ‘theme’ to all sit together. A great top tip for seating miscellaneous guests is to place them beside someone they know and someone they should know!

The parents

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Again, tradition dictates that parents are seated beside the bride and groom. However, if divorce or separation is a factor, seat the parents at a table with their new spouse and/or the rest of the family. Alternatively, if things are amicable, why not follow the traditional arrangements with the addition of step-parents?

Armed with these top tips, creating your wedding seating plan will be a breeze!

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