Add a personal touch to your wedding day

With couples looking to ensure their wedding day is unforgettable, one way to add oodles of personality is with some unique finishing touches. So how do you make your day that little bit more personal? Here, I will share 10 easy ways to add a personal touch to you wedding day.


Charitable donation

A great alternative to traditional wedding favours is making a donation to a charity that’s close to your hearts. Leave guests a little note informing them that a donation has been made on their behalf, which, no doubt, will speak to their hearts. Many charities offer pins or ribbons which your guests can wear with pride.

Sentimental touches

If a loved one has passed away or if you have a special guest who can’t attend your wedding, incorporating something of theirs into your day can be a memorable way of including them in your wedding. Whether it’s wearing a piece of jewellery that belongs to them, or reading out their favourite poem, it’s the perfect way to add a personal touch to your day.


Something borrowed

You might not want to wear your mum or gran’s wedding dress, but how about incorporating something else that was a big part of their wedding such as their veil. The gesture will mean a great deal to them and an easy way to tick that ‘something borrowed’ off your list. Or, look to your parents’ wedding photos for inspiration. How about having your florist design your bouquet similar in style to your mum’s?


Engrave your rings

Your wedding ring will be one of the most sacred pieces of jewellery you own so why not make it that little bit more special by having it engraved? Simply adding your wedding date, or a short, personal antidote or poem will make it more personal to you.


Brooch bouquet

If fresh flowers aren’t your thing, why not opt for a brooch bouquet? This is a fun way to incorporate family heirlooms and pieces which mean a great deal to you. What’s great about brooch bouquets is that they are the perfect keep sake as they don’t wilt like real flowers. Get your bridesmaids in on the action and get crafty as you make them together ahead of the wedding.


Write your own vows

As one of the most romantic days of your life, make it that little bit more memorable by writing your own vows. Words spoken straight from the heart will definitely be well received and the perfect personal touch. You could even have the words framed to hang up in your home.

Wedding day scent

It’s no surprise that certain scents can trigger memories so ensure you walk down the aisle wearing a perfume that holds special meaning, such as what you wore on your first date, or the first perfume your other half bought you.


Personalised favours

Your wedding favours are the perfect little gift to guests to thank them for their generosity and sharing in your special day together. For something more personal, why not write each guest a poem, or give them a CD with a playlist that reminds you of them. If you’re artistic, why not create a little drawing or painting for each guest – a perfect momentum of your day.


Family recipe

Is there a recipe that’s special to your family? If so, consider serving it to your guests. From your buffet to your wedding cake, there are tonnes of ways to involve your family in the process.

Delightful decor

When it comes to decor, it’s amazing how easy it is to put your own unique stamp on your day. If you have a shared hobby or passion, why not incorporate this into your wedding day theme, through your wedding stationery, table names, place settings and favours. Or, create your own wedding day logo and add this wherever possible. Finally, as an alternative to bunting, hang a series of framed photographs of you and your other half, from your childhood right up to present day.

When it comes to adding a personal touch to your wedding day, think creatively and the options are endless!

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  • Mrs Sheryl Brooks-Keer says:

    Fantastic ideas Marc…was lovely to see a couple of our pictures in the blog too! For us on our magical day it was so important to have our loved ones in heaven remembered especially my daddy, hence the pictures and candles and I carried his wedding ring down the aisle so in his own way he held my hand as I walked every step of the way down the aisle!