Bridesmaid trends to fall for

Long gone are the days of dowdy dresses that your friends will only want to wear once! Designers have taken the myth that bridesmaid dresses should be boring and turned it on its head. Although dutifully still not upstaging the bride, this season’s bridesmaid trends are elegant and flattering in their silhouettes. Here we share a few of our favourite bridesmaid trends to fall for this autumn.


Just add sparkle

There’s nothing wrong with showcasing a bit of bling at a wedding, and designers have brought the red carpet to the wedding aisle. Proving how it should be done, dresses with just a touch of sequin, shimmer or shine, effortlessly catch the light. If your wedding is set to be a glamorous affair, nothing other than sequins will do. There are endless ways to incorporate the trend; opt for all the same designer, mismatched frocks or for a combination of the two, gain extra points with ombré sequin dresses.


Black is the new black

There’s something chic and sophisticated about matching black dresses, so it isn’t surprising that it’s high on our list of bridesmaid trend to fall for this season. With the bride taking centre stage in group photos, her white dress will instantly stand out. Don’t be afraid to add pops of colour through bouquets or accessories to make a bold statement. Check out just a few of these found on Pinterest.

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Jewel purpose

Nothing screams autumn more than jewel tones with the season’s hues of ruby red, sapphire blue, emerald green, turquoise and amethyst purple proving popular choices with brides. With this assortment of jewellery box tones, choose your favourite for its symbolic meaning, or simply go with your favourite colour. With a warmth and depth, what’s great about jewel tones is they look great on all skin tones. And if you love the mismatched effect, play around with different jewel tones for a surprising twist!


Short and sweet

This season brides are banishing the myth that short bridesmaid dresses should be confined to spring and summer, with shorter dresses proving a popular choice. Perfect for brides with a penchant for vintage, 50’s silhouettes are a firm favourite. Opt for airy fabrics like tulle or chiffon for a dramatic tutu-inspired effect. Finish with a faux fur wrap for the perfect fashion and form combo.

Bridesmaids trends

Luscious lace

Move over chiffon… there’s a new fabric in town! No longer just confined to the bride, luscious lace is adorning bridesmaid dresses, but designers have been careful to avoid going too bridal. Choose a soft fabric in a straight silhouette to nail this bridesmaid trend. Check out just a few of our favourites found on Pinterest.


Bloomin’ marvellous

For brides who aren’t afraid to make a statement, floral bridesmaid dresses are perfect! A wide range of colour options and dress styles prove they aren’t just for summer! From oversized blooms, to a more minimalist effect, or dresses adorned with pretty 3D flowers, choosing patterned dresses offers a world of possibilities. Plus, your colour options instantly open up since the pattern will feature a few different shades.


Good luck on your quest to find the perfect bridesmaid dresses!

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