Kelly & Ben’s Club Langley Beckenham Wedding

I loved being a part of Kelly & Ben’s Club Langley, Beckenham wedding day! The attention to detail from start to finish was impeccable, offering a day unlike any other. Here, Kelly gives us a behind the scenes glimpse of their wedding day.


Kelly, tell us how you met

I fancied Ben for a few years without telling him. I saw him in a club one night and danced with him, whispered that I had fancied him for years and then walked off. Ben ran after me but I wouldn’t give him my number. We bumped into each other a few more times in clubs before Ben eventually got my number by tricking me into believing that he had lost his phone and needed to use mine to call his phone!


And what about that proposal?

Ben proposed on my 27th birthday. He took me on the Emirates Cable Carts in London. We wanted to have a cart to ourselves so I suggested to Ben that he told the operator that he intended to propose, not knowing that he was actually going to! Once we were up in the air, I said to Ben that he better pretend to propose as there were cameras in the cart. Ben said that we were already in the air so they couldn’t ask us to get off and distracted me by pointing out some of the sights. As I turned away from Ben, he got down on one knee and when I turned back around, he proposed. I thought he was joking at first and then was completely shocked and excited!


When and where did you get married?

We were married on Thursday 2nd April 2015 at Club Langley in Beckenham, Kent


Tell us how you chose your wedding dress?

I went to four wedding dress shops and didn’t like any of the dresses that I tried on. Then my friend and I came across a shop as we were driving down the road near where I lived at the time. We popped in hoping we could just look at the dresses without an appointment. They were quiet and said I could try on some. I knew I wanted a ball gown and when I tried the third dress on I just knew immediately that it was my dress, despite it being a size 18 and I was a size 8! It was big like a princess ball gown and sparkly, which I love!


Who did you have as your bridesmaids?

I had my eldest daughter, two of my cousins and two of my friends. They wore one shoulder, floor length, navy blue gowns with a small stone encrusted detail on the waist. My two younger daughters and niece were flower girls. They wore white ball gowns like my dress, with a navy sash around their waist to tie in with the bridesmaids.


What did you love the most about wedding planning?

I loved researching all the products that made our wedding as unique as possible. Anything that I could get made personalised for Ben and I, I did. Even down top our cake toppers which were actually figurines of us produced via a 3D printer! I loved how much there was to offer.


What 3 top tips would you offer other brides?

  1. Don’t go mad with spending as I did! Decide on your budget and stick to it and with this get the most important necessities first i.e photographer, venue, dress, cake, etc.
  2. Research everything! There is so much on offer and prices vary a lot.
  3. If you are on a tight budget, see what you can do yourself. Things do not have to be expensive to be special. i.e create your own table name cards, order of service, seating plan etc.


How did you decide on Marc as your wedding photographer?

Ben and I went to a wedding fair and saw many photographers but as soon as we met Marc and saw his work we knew on the spot that we wanted him to be our photographer. I actually went to three more wedding fairs just so that I could see his wedding albums again and again as I was so excited and also wanted to show anyone that would come with me!

Our wedding album is the single best physical memory to take away from the whole experience and day. I would recommend and encourage EVERYONE to invest in Marc and his amazing photography and albums. The quality of the albums that Marc offers, is better than any others. We also loved how he made the photographs of just Ben and I look natural and not staged or forced. Marc was easy to work with and listened to everything that was important for us to capture on the day. It was definitely money well spent.



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