Engagement photo sessions what to wear

I absolutely love engagement photo sessions – not only are they a fantastic way for us to get to know each other, but you are left with some stunning photos which serve as a reminder of your happy engagement glow. One of the questions I get asked a lot by couples who book an engagement session is, “What to wear for engagement photos?” So with this in mind, I’ve put together some ideas on what to wear to an engagement photo session.


Comfort is key

Let’s face it – if we’re feeling uncomfortable, we’re not going to be performing at our best, so when choosing an outfit for your engagement photo session, it’s best to combine both comfort and style. But this doesn’t mean you can’t think glam – as long as it’s an outfit you’re comfortable standing in front of a camera in, go for it! It’s also a good idea to avoid ill-fitting clothing as you don’t want fidgeting to come across in your photos.

Dress for your location

Give your shoot surroundings some thought, and incorporate this into your outfit. A beach scene screams for a long, flowing chiffon maxi dress while a playful, outdoors scene calls for clothing that evokes that easy, carefree vibe too.


Colour choices

You don’t need to be bland and boring! If you’re used to wearing colours, now isn’t the time to be afraid of them. A pop of colour looks fab in photos, and as your wedding album will focus primarily on your white dress and your groom’s dark suit, a splash of colour in your engagement shots will be a beautiful contrast.


Showcase finer details

If you’re not big into colour, think about incorporating it through your accessories. A flash of colour from a statement necklace or a gorgeous pair of shoes will bring life to your photos and give your photographer something to focus on. Consider your outfit from all angles. Photos taken from the back can look spectacular so don’t forget to pay attention to the back of your outfit too.


Consider a second outfit

If you’re undecided whether to go casual or glamorous, ask your photographer about the possibility of an outfit change. This has the added bonus of leaving you with a diverse collection of photos.

Don’t be afraid to wear white!

Some brides will feel they can’t wear white but we say why not channel your wedding day look! After all, your engagement photos are a warm up for your wedding, so if you want to wear white, go for it! Obviously we’re not talking about an actual wedding dress here but there’s no reason why you can’t allude to the style.


When thinking about what to wear, there are a few things best avoided!


While this trend may pop up from time to time, neons are simply too bright for photos. The bright hues can leave a colour cast on your skin, which can be hard to edit post production. Neons also have the disadvantage of looking outdated in your photos in years to come.

Something that’s not you!

Don’t go for a style that’s not you. If it’s not something you’d normally wear, don’t take the chance for your engagement session. You run the risk of looking uncomfortable and quickly regretting your choice.

Big, bold patterns

While we’re all for pops of colours, don’t go overboard on bold patterns. Like neon, these can be distracting and don’t stand the test of time. The same applies to logo emblazoned clothing. Avoid the chance of looking back and thinking: “What was I wearing.”

Matching too much

Think of the celebrity photos that still grab headlines for all the wrong reasons – Britney and Justin in double denim, Posh and Becks in loud leather… the list goes on! While you don’t want to be too matchy matchy, your outfit choices should complement each other to some degree. Opt for subtle colour choices that feel balanced and easy.

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