Weald of Kent Wedding with Ruth & Richard

A valentines weddings at the Weald of Kent with Richard and Ruth was a very special occasion. Most notably was their date – 14th of February, very romantic and surely one date never to be forgotten.

Everything was customised and matched to their interests, hobbies and tastes as every wedding should be! Right down to the smallest of details they had personalised their day to the perfectly, button bouquet’s, lego cufflinks, VW Camper vans and super hero’s t-shirts to top off their day.

Here is a small collection of photos from their wedding day which started at Ruth’s parents before having their wedding ceremony at the families’ local church before commencing celebrations in the afternoon at the Weald of Kent.

Here is a very small collection of their wedding photos:

I love the detail of Ruth’s wedding dress which photographed beautifully.


Button bouquets and button hole flowers complete with lego cufflinks were simply superb. It just goes to show that the small details help make your day that little bit more special to you!


I love photographing in old small church’s like St. Mary’s Church in Lenham. Not too big to be intimidating and yet still providing just enough room to get those all important wedding ceremony photos that every bride and grooms wants from their day.


Good ole Dusty the VW Camper took both Richard and Ruth safely from the church to the Weald of Kent for their wedding breakfast and evening celebrations. Dusty’s colour scheme perfectly complimented Richard and Ruth’s wedding theme and was an excellent addition to their big day.


A very small collection of photos from the church and at the Weald of Kent.


It’s not the first time I’ve photographed a bride and groom cutting the cake with a sword and it’s not as easy as it may first appear. Having said that Richard & Ruth done a wonderful job with some laughs along the way.

Loving those super hero outfits – it helped set the mood for the rest of the evening with plenty of fun and excitement had by all!



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