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Now that you’ve found the dress of your dreams, you’ll want to add the perfect accessories to perfectly complete your look. Not sure where to start? Here, we share our wedding accessories guide to ensure finding those all-important finishing touches is a breeze.


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Before you get caught up in the intricacy of jewellery details, something you should consider is trying to match your metals to the colour of your dress. Certain metals actually look better with specific dress colours. It’s widely recognised that ivory gowns looks great with gold as it complements the creamy colour of the fabric. White, on the other hand goes with silver and platinum or jewellery with pearl detailing. If your dress already contains intricate beadwork, use these colours to influence your choice of jewellery.


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With so many accessories options available, it can sometimes feel like you need to go for the whole works. But remember, your wedding dress should take centre stage and choosing too many accessories can act as a distraction. Go for finishing pieces which will elevate your dress, rather than competing with it. Think about the style of your dress. If it’s quite simple in silhouette and style, you can afford to amp up your wedding accessories a little. Or, if it’s an embellished ballgown, play it a little safer with your finishing touches.


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The veil is an iconic wedding accessory and there are a world of options out there. From dramatic cathedral length to the vintage inspired birdcage, there is something to match every taste. When it comes to finding your perfect veil try to choose one which perfectly matches the colour of your dress. If your dress is busy, go for a more simplistic style, while if it contains intricate back detailing, choose a sheer veil to ensure you show it off to its full potential.


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While veils will (no doubt) forever remain a key detail of the wedding day look, brides are beginning to think outside of the box, and ditching the veil for a more modern approach. If the veil isn’t really to your taste, there are endless alternatives available. From floral crowns for boho brides, to Grecian inspired headbands, you won’t be stuck for choice.


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If you’re getting married in winter, a wrap is the perfect addition to keep you both warm and stylish. From boleros to capes and faux fur stoles, keep those shoulders beautifully protected from the elements. Like the rest of your wedding accessories, the key is to find one which works with your gown, rather than against it.


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Looking to enhance your figure? The oldest (and wisest) trick in the book, is to add a sash. Even though your dress might not come with one, adding a belt or sash will give a whole other dimension to your dress. Choose one which not only perfectly matches your dress, but which suits your shape. If you have a long torso, wide belts work best and vice versa. For apple-shaped beauties, an embellished belt will flatter your waist, while petite ladies can elongate their bodies thanks to the power of a V-shaped belt.


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A killer pair of heels can make or break an outfit, and although you may have chosen a floor length gown, don’t neglect their importance. When it comes to finding shoes for your wedding day, they should be the perfect combination of style and comfort. Remember, you’ll be on your feet (and dance floor) for the majority of the day so you’ll need shoes which can live up to this. Don’t choose heels which are higher than you are used to and go for a pair with support, such as an ankle strap. Finally, don’t forget to wear them in a little around the house ahead of the wedding day.


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No doubt, when choosing your wedding dress, you fell for one which perfectly conveys your own personal sense of style. Your wedding accessories should be no different. If you don’t normally wear jewellery, now isn’t the time to drown yourself in jewels. Wear what feels comfortable and which works with your wedding day style vision.

Good luck on the search to finding your wedding accessories.

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